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WIKA Instrument, LP is the leading global manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation, producing more than 43 million pressure gauges, transmitters diaphragm seals and other instruments annually.



Thermocouples are typically used for high temperatures (compared to RTDs), in high-vibration applications, and when a fast response is needed. Using a grounded thermocouple has some benefits, but also carries some risks. More here:

A FAST instrument audit can show customers how to optimize power plant pressure and temperature measurement solutions, as well as dramatically reduce the size of instrument inventory. Check out these case studies:

Venturi nozzles enable the measurement of flow rates in pipelines by reference to changes in fluid pressure when passing through a constricted area. With Venturi flow meters, you will see notably better pressure recovery compared to orifice-style flow meters.

Supplier relationships should be created to develop and maintain competitive advantages for your business. This collaborative process means supporting and leveraging the skill sets of both teams in order to achieve a balanced purchasing relationship. What should a supplier partnership include? Find out here:

We are so thankful for every one of our customers, our hard-working employees, and our vendors! Wishing each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving from WIKA USA!

Process engineers have known for decades that “dead legs” in piping and process vessels have been a notable source of contamination, but the problem had not been rigorously evaluated until recently. The results of the new ASME BPE Branch Leg Study revealed that the current pharmaceutical industry guidelines may not go far enough to ensure cleanability. Read more about the new recommendations and WIKA’s solution here:

With no moving parts, better precision, and digital or analog output, calorimetric flow switches are better suited than mechanical flow switches for applications with contaminated or aggressive media. Find out more on the blog today:

When using pressure sensors for fluid level measurement, it's important to consider how inaccurate pressure measurements can affect processes. Find out more about the risks involved and WIKA's solution:

WIKA A-10 Low Pressure Transmitter features a thin diaphragm which allows for the responsiveness needed to measure liquids at pressures as low as 20 INWC. See the full article from OEM Off-Highway here:

WIKA Level Transmitter (model FLR-SBDF) featured in the digital issue of Flow Control Magazine for its versatility in pressure and temperature ranges for liquid level measurement applications! Check it out here: For more information on this model:

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