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Fresh Start Recovery Center

15886 Gaither Drive STE. B, Gaithersburg, United States
Addiction Resources Center



What sets Fresh Start Recovery Center apart from other treatment programs is the comprehensive treatment plan that is individually tailored for each client What sets Fresh Start Recovery Center apart from other treatment programs is the comprehensive treatment plan that is individually tailored for each client. Our experienced clinicians are passionate about recovery and are committed to providing the most appropriate and best quality of care available. The outcome is intended to create empowered individuals whose strengths and resilience is maximized so they may confidently move forward in a life free from the debilitating effects of substance abuse.
Our treatment center is located in Central Montgomery County, and draws on the many resources in the area to support each client’s unique needs. Our services are most appropriate for clients who have either completed a 30-day inpatient detox program and are returning to the community, or for those who would prefer outpatient treatment.
During a stay with Fresh Start, clients have the option to live in one of a number of sober houses to enjoy a supportive, therapeutic environment. The recovery houses we work with are fully equipped with television, cable, barbecue grills and are located where residents can engage in community activities.
Each day, clients attend services at the treatment center where they will receive individual, group, and family counseling, psycho-education, 12-Step groups, relapse prevention planning, and clinical case management.


Happy Monday!

With the winter season upon us, freezing temperatures, and dark gloomy skies; it’s common for most individuals struggling with substance abuse to increase their alcohol/drug use and mental health disorders to fall into a deeper state. However, there is always help! Call today for a free consultation ‭(844) 814-6862‬. #WeDoRecover


Call and reach out today for a free consultation, 844-814-6862! #freshstartrecoverycenter “Where addiction ends and recovery begins!”

Please take a moment and read! That holidays can be an amazing time, but also difficult. Please be proactive for the upcoming holiday to maintain your sobriety!

Fresh Start Recovery Center was pleased to meet with Recovery Awareness Foundation and continue to find resources in treatment for the next sick and suffering addict.

The lie is dead that once an addict / alcoholic always an addict / alcoholic. #Wedorecover

SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM FRESH START RECOVERY CENTER! Always thank the people that stayed by your side during the good times and bad times. Make every moment count as you share your life with them!

Fresh Start Recovery Center is proud to introduce our newest member to our outreach team, Basile Ferro. Basile made the decision to find a new way of life in 2008, at just 22 years old. Basile believes in the process of recovery and from his own personal experience, understands how life changing substance abuse treatment is for addicts/alcoholics seeking recovery.

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Happy Thanksgiving, have a safe and wonderful holiday!