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VIP Fitness- Clarkston

5886 Dixie Hwy Ste 5, Clarkston, United States
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VIP Fitness Bootcamp is a fun and high energy way to lose weight and get results.  WE ARE A TRANSFORMATION CENTER We are a transformation center that specializes in weight loss.  To date we have helped the local community lose over 100,000 lbs in the last few years. Ask about our our free VIP Challenge and join one of the 5,000 success stories.

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Megan is down over 40 lbs! See her story below 👇 . Challenge starts Saturday signup here: . "So embarrassed to be posting this🙈, but I just wanna show that it can be done. 3 months ago I decided to finally take hold of my health once and for all and venture on a journey to lose weight. I was sick of looking in the mirror and wondering "what the hell happened?". 2 challenges later, many strenuous workouts, clean eating, and the willpower to not cave, I finally did it! I managed to lose just over 4️⃣0️⃣ pounds with the help of the amazing team over at VIP Fitness. They are incredibly supportive and truly want to see you hit your goals. And though I'm still extremely self conscious about my body, this photo allows me to see just how far I've really come, and how much I still have to go. This isn't the end for me not a chance, rather a new beginning. Thanks so much VIP 💪💥🏋️‍♀️👊✨🖤❤️"

🎉Shoutout to Tabitha Steigerwald for losing 40.2 lbs in the 6 week challenge. See what she had to say below: . ✔ Apply for the next challenge here: . "All I can say is to those of you who are currently challenging at VIP or in any fitness journey, don't talk yourself out of that extra push up or that extra 5 pounds or the extra 30 seconds of an exercise. The challenge, extra effort and dedication WILL pay off, it always does at its own time. . To the VIP team I absolutely cannot THANK YOU enough. Seriously. The friendly, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere you create makes all the difference in the world. The challenges and goals you help each person set is incredible not only because you help find the way to accomplish them but because you are present guiding them the entire way, especially at the weak points. Thank you for always having understanding and looking at each individual as their own with their own capabilities. Thank you for celebrating our accomplishments like they are your own. You guys impact more people than you will ever realize and I just want to say keep it up. . I just completed my 2nd and final challenge and 40.2 pounds lighter and still in awe. . Keep up the hard work, you'll never regret it(:"

🎉Huge shoutout to Jeff for losing 60 lbs so far! . ✅You can apply for the next challenge here: . "I joined the Fitness Boot Camp on a spark of inspiration that the was no real force keeping me from getting in shape, only what I let myself believe what was and was not possible. VIP has helped reinforce that spark with their own diligence and honest passion for their clients experience and results. With their help I'm now down (basically) 60 lbs. There's still a road ahead of me but I'm not scared of it anymore."

🔥Another success story. Congrats to Michelle Cavanaugh for losing 41.2 lbs! See her story below 👇 . Next challenge starts soon. Apply here: . " Challenge #2 is a wrap! I weighed in this morning. Final results; I'm down 41.2 pounds since November 13th. My blood pressure is a very healthy 110 over 80. My blood sugar levels have gone from 135 on average to below 80. My resting heart rate has gone from 93bpm to 68bpm. I'm able to touch my toes for the first time since I was a child. I've never been flexible. A week ago I did 3 sit-ups (without assistance), 3 push-ups without modification, and two minute wall sits with correct form. These are all firsts for me. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Almost half way to my goal weight. This has been particularly emotional the past couple of weeks. As I accomplish new workout tasks, I face memories of my son. I cried when I did the first push-up. I cried again when I did the sit-ups. I have so many memories of him working out... of watching my grandkids climbing on him while he did push-ups in the living room. It's one of my last memories of him. Doing the wall-sit made me smile. My kids are all familiar with wall-sits and will certainly appreciate that I can now relate with them. I'm growing in confidence. I have to thank VIP Fitness and the staff. This is truly not just another gym and I am so grateful to have stumbled across their ad. As an added bonus, I am meeting some truly inspiring people. My life has changed because of Brandon's passing. I'm changing. It's a bit scary but I'm starting to get excited about this new version of me. Cheers to tomorrow!"

🎉 Shoutout to Julianna Jujj Ivezaj for losing 65 lbs! See what she had to say below 👇 . Apply here for the next challenge: . "With my fourth and final challenge coming to an end I just wanted to post a little progress picture. The left is June of 2017 and the right is December of 2017. I’ve been working so hard on being a better and healthier me and I am so excited to continue my journey. Couldn’t have accomplished any of this without my amazing trainers at VIP Fitness. you are all so incredible and I appreciate all the love, support, and motivation. Let’s see what the next 6 months brings me!"

👏 So proud of Holia for her transformation inside and out. See her story below 👇 . ✅Apply for the next challenge .here: . "My only wish that one day I will have the courage to actually post a picture of me with my belly all showing and my fat big hands!! I grew up in a family where everyone was slim and skinny and I was the (big girl) always was called big, fatty, xxlarge I use to sleep at night not wanting to wake up the second day I hated my body and hated the mirror in my room I would hate to look at myself or if anyone takes pic of me I had so many insecurities about myself I hated being around guys cause all I thought was then saying look at how ugly and fat that girl is that was me 4 months ago depressed hated life and everyone food was my comfort zone I always thought I was ugly very ugly for anyone to love me or to be loved I struggled with a lot of pain I lost people I loved and food became my best friends then one day reading about vip and how it’s changing people life I thought let me try and I did and gave my best effort some days I lacked off and some days I felt sick and giving up but yes this is the result trying not to tear up but dreams come true and mine did still not done but halfway there.... Tomorrow another challenge for me starts scared nervous but I wanna give all my best!! For all those who want to give up just think of why you have started♥️ "

🎉 Give it up for Ian for losing 170lbs!! See what he had to say below 👇 . Go here apply for the next challenge👉 . "It's taken 2 years, 2 very long years but I have dropped 170 lbs from 350 to 180 lbs. Cant express how thankful I am to everyone that supported me in this very long journey and to vip fitness for helping me on my final stretch to becoming healthier and a better me."

👏 Give it up for Cianna for losing 120lbs! Check out what she had to say below 👇 . ✔ Apply here for the challenge that starts soon👉 . "A little transformation Tuesday in honor of my 2 year anniversary of joining VIP. The girl on the left was 330 lbs. She was insecure, unhealthy and ashamed that she had let herself get to the point she had. The girl on the right is 120 lbs lighter. She’s happy, healthy and on a mission to better herself every day. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it. Joining VIP is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m excited to see where it takes me!"

Saturday Feb 17th 12 Noon is our info meeting date for our next Free 6 Week Transformation Challenge. *** TAG 3 FRIENDS TO DO THE CHALLENGE WITH YOU! *** CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 6 WEEKS! Our workouts are short, fast-paced and fun! What you get during the FREE 6 week challenge: • Unlimited training up to 5 days a week at our gym during the challenge. • A free custom nutrition plan. • Your own accountability coach. • Family style support to help you. • Dedicated team with proven results. -----> We provide you with the accountability and support to reach your goals. And you’ll receive the guidance you need so you’re moving in the right direction and seeing RESULTS!! Meeting starts @ 12:00 PM SHARP and you must be present to be eligible to start your challenge. Click "GOING" and please arrive 10 minutes early

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