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Break Out Escape Room

3423 Mount Vernon road SE, Cedar Rapids, United States
Escape Game Room



Break Out is a unique ESCAPE ROOM in Cedar Rapids! Come get locked in a room with your friends and family and see if you have what it takes to break out!



Team Hobos didn't quite make it out of Child's Play in time.

This beautiful family had a blast in Espionage but couldn't make it out in time! Thanks for playing!

Team Clueless kind of lost in Taken tonight.. Breakout: 2 Cerka's: 0 Better luck next time guys!

This fun group broke out in 58 minutes with no EXTRA clues! Way to go!

The Robots are in love even though it was their Time To Die tonight! Thanks for playing!

These Losers almost made it out of Time To Die tonight but didn't quite cut it!

Team Blue Moon tried their best in Taken. Better luck next time ladies.

This Rockwell financial team broke out of Espionage in 44:38!!

Team DC4 broke out of Time To Die just in the nick of time.

Team Watson just needed an extra guess in Taken.

Congratulations to this Bride To Be! Better luck next time in an easier room!

This lovely couple ALMOST broke out of Chils Play but couldn't save their children in time!