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Rock Paper Scissors Salon

12 E 10th St, Anderson, United States
Barber Shop



Full Service Salon in Anderson's Down Town.  Fun out going atmosphere.

Staff Includes:

John Campbell
Angie Leisure Huffer

Services include:

Latest Trends as well as Classic Cuts
Expert Color Services
Foil Hilighting
Cold Fushion Extensions
Brazilian Blowouts
Permanent Waves


So John scheduled a new client on my book for a haircut, so a 30 min appointment.. She arrived with a head full of dreads and wanted me to cut them and comb it all out and give a cute style.. Luckily I had a cancellation after her to give me enough time.. I really wanted to send her out the door and didn't want to try and accomplish it because I wasn't sure how long it would actually take LOL! I forgot to take a b4 pic but this first pic is after I cut the dreads and before I had to untangle them and try to save as much of her hair as possible because they were only about an inch grown out. It was rough & took me an hour and a half to complete.. She was very pleased after!!

Angie is now doing hair raps! How cute & trendy! They can be done in any colors you like & you can add charms! She has a leaf at the bottom and an arrow in the middle! If you'd like to make an appointment call the salon at 644-4363 or you can text her at 212-HAIR!

Abby was so excited to get her hair cut! Every little girl should have a bob at some point! She's so cute! And this little girl has so much personality!!

So this happened.....

As a stylist every time someone wants an ombre coloring technique done I cringe just a little. It's like putting roots in someone's hair. That goes against my programming. But after all is said and done I always think it's pretty....


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Anderson, United States
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