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Terminal Velocity organises the Suffolk Speed Trial series held at RAF Woodbridge.  How fast will your car go???? For most owners of high performance vehicles, their cars top speed is just a number that they read in the manufacturers brochure and they can occasionally reel out in the pub to impress their friends.  Here at Terminal Velocity we very much believe that if it was made to do it, then it should.

On the day of your event, once everyone has signed on and had their safety briefing, you will be given a number.  You will have a card with that number on and a corresponding sticker for your car.  You place your card in the virtual queue so that you don't actually have to spend all day sitting around queueing and can instead chat cars, look at cars and listen to cars.  Drivers will be called in groups of 5 when your numbers get to the "front" of the queue, you will be given back your number card and you then drive to the holding area where you will be directed one by one to the start.  Upon the starter giving you the green light you go and unleash every horse that you have!  One and half miles later we will record your top speed and you will slow to the end of the runway before being directed back to do it all again.

Please also note that the payment of £99 is for you as a driver. If you have more than one car that you want to bring that is fine. Your number goes in the queue not you, then when that number gets back to the front of the queue you go again. So if you want to run a different car you can, but do make sure that you register them all so that we know. Equally if you want to pay twice you will get twice as many goes as you will have two numbers going through the's all up to you!!



Ok we have our dates for 2017!! All still at Woodbridge, TV6 will be 30th April, TV7, 23rd July & TV8 on 24th September!! We are holding the price at £125 if booked in advance or £150 on the day, Judging by how busy we were at TV5 I would suggest getting booked in well in advance to avoid disappointment, see y'all in 2017 people!!!

Plenty of photos from TV5 here now guys

The moment you have all been waiting for, TV5 results are in!! Plenty of runners and plenty of big speeds. For some reason we don't have cars or a name for a couple of you, please fell free to let us know and we will amend!! Anyway, another great day, thank you all so much for coming and hopefully we will see you all for TV6, bigger and even better in 2017 :-) Haydar Akpinar ES Motors 911 225 Adrian Downing Porsche 997 Turbo ES650 205 Tom Scarlett ES Motors 911 205 Amir Mohyuddin ES Motors 911 205 Ahmet Ali 38B 205 Orhun Hassan Nissan GTR 199 Ozan Hacimusa Porsche 997 Turbo 9e28 199 Nick Nicoloau Porsche 997 Turbo 196 Orcun Hassan Nissan GTR 195 Suleman Ahmed Nissan GTR 193 Gregg Wheeler ES Motors 911 193 Ben Beslic 997 Turbo 192 Dan Di Stef BMW M3 E92 191 Amir Mohyuddin Porsche GT2 190 Graeme Langford Dodge Challenger Hellcat 189 Nick Nicoloau R34 Skyline GTR 188 Amir Mohyuddin Lamborghini Aventador SV 188 1st NA car Paul Galpin & Rachel Galpin Gallardo Superleggera 187 Vincent Cheung Audi RS6 Avant 186 1st Estate VJ Poolo Lamborghini Aventador SV 186 Michael Thomas BMW M5 F10 185 Scott Black C63 AMG 185 Michael Palmer Randle Audi S4 185 Denny Geary BMW E60 M5 184 Adam Newman BMW M6 183 Barry Wood Jaguar XKR-S 183 Andy Melton 183 Luke How Audi S4 181 Dave Clark Porsche 911 (991) 178 Adam Claydon Audi TT RS 176 Spencer Butt Audi S4 174 Max Gidney Merc 300D 174 1st Diesel Chris Osbourne Audi RS6 173 James Martin Lotus Evora 172 Christopher Box BMW M135i 170 Luke Burrows Evo 8 168 James Wotton Audi RS4 168 John McNamee Audi RS3 168 Fahmeeda Hassan GL63 167 1st SUV Alan Tyler 17 BMW 335i 165 Russell Dawson Jaguar F Type S 164 Jack Gilbert Audi RS4 164 Daniel Murray Vauxhall Astra LS 164 Alvonne Locker BMW M6 162 Anthony Reynolds BMW E90 M3 161 Adam Snow BMW M3 E92 161 Osman Hodja E36 M3 161 Andy Butters VW Golf R Estate 160 Jonathon Lowe VW Golf R Hatch 159 Barry Oldfield BMW M3 157 Husayin Arnavut C63 155 Will Finch Ferrari F430 154 Sierra RS Cosworth 154 Ben McCann Focus ST 154 Richard Bove Subaru Impreza 152 Elliott Norris BMW 2002 149 George Wong Audi A8 146 Matthew Hill Audi RS3 146 Joanne Pennington Legh Audi RS6 V10 143 Andrew Jay Range Rover Supercharged 143 Bryn Hayler Honda Civic EP3 142 Daniel Byers BMW M4 140 Simon Rose Mercedes 1.8 auto 120 Simon Souster Lexus Sportcross Turbo 118 Roger Hall BMW M6 107

Terminal Velocity 5

Another great video from Marty at V6AMG, cheers mate!!

Car Crazed Fool

Love this Bimmer battle!!



Hi everyone, sorry we've been a bit quiet today, IT issues!! Anyway thank you to everyone who came yesterday, once again the biggest TV to date, with the most numbers of cars running by quite some margin, and an amazing mix, from a 1.8 automatic Merc to Lambo's, Ferraris a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, pretty much everything in between and of course the super fast Team ES 911s, who once again took the honours on the day with a top speed of 225mph, just 1mph off our record.....which they of course already hold! We also think everyone will agree that one of the highlights of the day, along with the two beautiful Aventador SVs going to head to head, was the old 1990s E 300D that looked pretty standard and then proceeded to destroy our Diesel Record with a very smoky run of 174mph!! That's the new target for you oil burners. We have taken on board your comments with regard to the queues for the catering and apologise for this, we can assure you all that we will have this sorted for next year, we just didn't realise how many people were going to come, but there will be more and a wider selection for next year. We are also looking at the possibility of having some trade stands, so if anyone out there is interested send us a message.... We are just collating the results and will hopefully have them up for you tomorrow. Thanks again for coming,see you next year.....?? all at TV


Photos from Terminal Velocity's post

Only one thing missing lot!! See you in the morning 😎😎

Photos from Terminal Velocity's post

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Things we do for you!!!😘😘

Timeline Photos

Photos from Terminal Velocity's post

Here it comes again....

Photos from Terminal Velocity's post

Well the list is complete!! We are not taking any more bookings but there may be a couple of places available on the day for £150 payable at sign on.... VW Golf GTi Reliant Scimitar Audi RS3 Audi RS6 Avant Nissan GTR Honda S2000 Jaguar F Type S Toyota Supra Mercedes CLS63 AMG Weistec BMW M5 Nissan GTR Team ES Motor 911 Team ES Motor 911 Team ES Motor 911 Team ES Motor 911 Team ES Motor 911 Lotus Evora Audi RS4 Audi RS6 V10 Audi RS4 Ferrari F430 BMW 335i BMW M5 F10 Jaguar XKR-S Mitsi EVO VIII BMW M5 E39 BMW M3 E90 Audi RS6 Avant Mercedes Benz 300D Dodge Challenger Hellcat C63 AMG BMW M6 VW Golf R Wagon BMW M6 911 Turbo 997 911 Turbo 997 Audi TT RS Audi S4 911 Turbo Skyline GTR Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Subaru Impreza C63 AMG Wiestec



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Leaving UK with victory, 1st and 2nd places in "Terminal Velocity" event 💪 🏆 Smashing the records with; 226mph (364 km/h) and 223mph (359km/h) Congratulations to all the guys involved👍 #esmotor #porsche #terminalvelocity #997turbo #newrecord #syvecs