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The Midland Roller Pigeon Club is a group of like minded fanciers dedicated to improve, and develop all aspects of the performing Birmingham Roller Pigeon. Beginnings

The club is the oldest surviving Birmingham Roller establishment in the UK and first came into being on December 8th1959 when a meeting was held at the Hasbury Conservative and Unionist Club between a number of eminent fanciers of that particular time, and  consisted of
George Walker, Fairfield Road, Halesowen
Harry Thatcher, 38 College Road, Quinton
Joe Carr, 131 Wolverhampton Road, Birmingham 32
Adam Jones, Ashley Street, Blackheath
William Barrett, 21 Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove
Tom Oakes, 39 Batham Street, Kidderminster
Don Horton, 5 Foredraft Street, Colley Gate, Cradley.
George Walker accepted the position of club chairman, and William (Bill) Barrett club secretary. Both were proposed by Joe Carr.
The name Midland Roller Pigeon Club was then decided upon and all present became part of that first committee. Membership subscriptions for the first year were 5/- (25p) for adults and 2/6 (12.5p) for juniors up to the age of 18.
Every member received a Midland Roller Pigeon Club club card.


Name: The club shall be known as The Midland Roller Pigeon Club.

Aims: To foster and develop the interest in the true performing roller.

Membership: A subscription to be taken.

Officers: To be made up of a chairman, secretary (to keep the minutes), treasurer (to produce a balance sheet) and four committee members, all to be voted in annually at the AGM.

Annual General Meeting: To hold an annual general meeting on the second Sunday in February.

Rings: To be issued to bona fide members only.

Stray birds: It is the responsibility of the person who the ring was issued to, to retrieve a lost bird once reported, failure to do so could result in a disciplinary meeting.

Competition: To hold a young bird, yearling and old bird fly annually.

Shows: To hold a summer show and a winter show annually.

Discipline: The officers, after a meeting, have the power to discipline any member for irresponsible or unfit behaviour.

Cessation: In the event of the club folding all assets to be sold and all remaining monies (after expenses) to be divided amongst all current members.

Current Officers/ committee

What is a Birmingham Roller you ask?

A Birmingham roller is a small type of pigeon. There are now two recognised varieties, the show bird and the flying bird. Both are very attractive in appearance and similar in size to a collared dove but that is were the similarity between dove and pigeon ends.
The roller appears in numerous shades and colours varying from reds, duns, blues, blacks yellows, bronzes, lavenders, tortoiseshells almonds and when combined with white appears in badges, bald heads, odd sides, saddles, white wings, white tails, grizzles, laces, mottles. spangles the list goes on.
The Midland Roller Pigeon Club (MRPC) does indulge in showing but it is mainly the flying variety that this club strives to promote.


NBRA results for 2017 have now been verified by the Secretary and will not be amended. Judge's decision is final, interference will not be tolerated during the competition. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up. Old Birds 1. Dean Forster 224 2. Terry Harper 186 3. Stevie Finn 162 4. Lee Donnelly 144 5. Stevie Finn 121 6. Gordon Jopling 112 7. Keith Story 111 8. John Hall 108 9. Stephen Mountain 107 10. Gordon Joplin 104 11. David Bradley 92 12. Dean Ward 91 13. Jimmy Thompson 87 14. Steve Raybould 85 15. Noorul Khan 81 16. Colin Bailey 69 17. Wyan Alp 61 18. Tony McLaughlin 61 19. Bernie Johnson 58 20. Stuart Turton 52 21. Harry Heard Scratched 22. Mark O’Neill Scratched 23. Dean Forster DQ 24. Jim Smith DQ Young Birds 1. Mark McCrory 143 2. Peter & Chris. Robinson 139 3. Fred Elton 108 4. Mark McCrory 99 5. Christopher Sharp 96 6. Eddie Baldwin 90 7. Dean Armstrong 84 8. Eddie Galvin 76 9. Alan Milne 74 10. Gordon Joplin 72 11. Dean Ward 69 12. Harry Heard 60 13. Harry Heard 59 14. Paul Green 58 15. Sean Lincoln 45 16. Alan Milne 44 17. John Wanless 31 18. Philip McKenzie Scratched 19. Darren Deacon Scratched 20. Darren Deacon Scratched 21. Dean Forster DQ Yearlings 1. Auren Stan 148 2. Colin Bailey 127 3. Noorul Khan 126 4. Colin Bailey 123 5. Daren Sparrow 119 6. Noorul Khan 94 7. Alan Milne 82 8. Harry Heard 77 9. Ryan Walker 74 10. Christopher Sharp 73 11. Mark Jobson 69 12. Dean Armstrong 61 13. Ernie Johnson 59 14. Ernie Johnson 58 15. Steve Raybould 49 16. Ernie Johnson 38 17. Jimmy Thompson 22 18. Mark O’Neill Scratched 19. James Brunton Scratched 20. Darren Deacon Scratched 21. Darren Deacon Scratched 22. Gordon Jopling DQ

National Fly Report 2017 Acknowledgement Wanted to show my appreciation to Mr Mark McCrory for his help and support while I was judging. He did a great job of making for me. Thank you to Dr Graham Dexter for updating all the scores daily on the NBRA website. Also wanted to thank all the lads who feed and watered us along the way and made sure we (me, marker and the all the supporters) were well looked after. 24th September was the start of the National fly competition 2017 Dean Ward was the first flyer bird's to be liberated at 8:30am. Nice morning clear with some clouds, very still. A quick cup of tea then he kicked his young birds out. They came out looking like they were going to rip the sky up. Initially didn't want to lift but after a while, managed got up to a nice height. After one brake of 5 then kept stalling, 14 for kitting, got 40 for quality Total score 59. Dean Ward yearlings for (TSIRC) was scratched. So then we had an hour's drive over to Darren Deacon. Darren Deacon flew his young birds. As soon as they came out one bumped on way out. They kitted really well flew in a perfect pattern but just kept missing. Scored 16 for breaks, 19 kitting and 50 quality, scoring a total of 85. After a quick cuppa Darren Deacon flew his yearlings next. Again sunny with a slight breeze. Birds flew perfect pattern a little low for my liking, would have done better if they could have got up a bit more. One landed in about 6 minutes, he got 45 for brakes, 15 kiting, 70 quality so total score 125. Then we had a four hour drive getting stuck in traffic along the way to London. Aurel Stan flew his yearlings great time to fly sunset, perfect weather overcast slight breeze, a roller man's dream. Some nice deep birds, brakes of 49, kitting 19, 80 for quality total score 148. He's hospitality was fantastic thanks. It was nice to see the London lads supporting their new club. 25 September We set of at 5:30am from London to make it our first flyer for 8:30am start. Four hour later got to Jim Smith's at 9am. It was a typical autumn day wet, drizzly, foggy morning strangely with no wind. Jim Smith got DQ, as two birds nerve wanted to know and all landed at two minutes. Some very good quality birds though, but you can't control the weather. Terry Harper was next, he flew his old birds. It was very overcast, with a slight drizzle as well. Some fantastic quality birds, but they just went on one wing the whole fly. But ever now and again changed wing and put in a nice brake, they did this a few times. You could see, if they flew in a figure of eight the team would've got a really good score. I also picked out a red checker as the best individual Old birds ring number "Mrpc 2012 0775". Scored 66 for brakes, 20 for kitting and very nice quality 100 total score 186. We had some very nice sandwiches before setting off to David Bradley. As Viv Johnson didn't fly his Yearlings for (BBIRC). David Bradley he flew his Old birds. Had some nice birds but kitting was very loose only scoring 11 for kitting, one bird landed before 15 mins, 26 brakes and quality was 60 giving him a total score of 92. We then headed over to Paul Green to fly his young birds. When we got there it was overcast with no wind. They went on one wing from the start, very quiet. 18 kitting, 30 quality and 10 breaks total score 58. That finished the day's flying as Viv Johnson didn't fly his old bird for (MRPC). 26 September Darren Deacon flew his young birds, in an overcast weather. Birds were again on one wing, one landed early, got 21 for brakes, 18 for kitting, 50 for quality and total 84. Next over to Ryan Walker he flew his Yearlings, still overcast with the sun trying to come out. He kicked his kit out straight away, they were on one wing. Got 26 for brakes, 18 for kitting, 30 quality and total 74. Then a short drive to Fred Elton a quick cuppa then he flew his young birds, this fly is doubled up for the Pensom fly off too, between him and Alan Milne. Fred's birds were actively ticking over nicely. As all the eye were on us we decided between me and Mark to be very discreet so not to give the score away. He got 38 for brakes, 20 kitting and 50 quality so a total of 108. Darren Sparrow was next to fly his Yearlings, difficult to watch the birds for houses and trees getting in the way. Sun coming through the clouds but very still wind. Got some deep birds in the kit, two birds landed with in 10 minutes, another thought about it but changed its mind and rejoined the kit. He got 45 for brakes, 14 for kitting and 70 for quality total score 119. Then back to Darren Deacon's for his Yearlings again. Darren had his own set of stopwatch just in case ours didn't work. The birds were flying very low, coming in and out of one wing. By now the weather was bright with some clouds again no wind. There was some nice brakes from the team. One disappeared but couldn't see where it went, until the fly was over (we looked everywhere for this bird). 59 for brakes, 18 kitting and quality 70 total score 147. Darren wasn't very happy with the quality I gave him, he made that very clear. Hours drive over to Dean Ward's. He flew his old birds, they came out looking like they was going to put a show up. But then nothing just a few brakes in the end. Kitting was very very loose. It was very bright and the kit pinned out for about 5 mins. He got 40 brakes, 11 for kitting and 40 for quality total score 91. 27 September First flyer of the day was Steven Raybould. He kicked his yearling kit out as soon as we got there. Overcast with very still wind. Couple of birds bumped on the way out, didn't really get into a break. Got 19 kitting, 30 quality total score 49. Nice Bacon butty before we left. Edward Galvin was next. Weather still overcast with the slightest of wind. But as soon as the birds came out they disappeared, Edward had his 10 minutes, then 7 judges minutes only then they came back to view. Got 21 brakes, 15 kitting and 40 quality total score 76. Then back to Steve Raybould's for his old birds. By now wind started to pick up. Birds were heavily in malt you could see all feathers missing everywhere. Got 26 brakes, 19 kitting and 40 quality total score of 85. We had an hour and half drive then over to Hull. When we got to Dean Armstrong weather was overcast with Strong wind, all of a sudden it had picked up. Dean had sandwiches and tea ready for us, which was very refreshing. He flew his Yearlings but they got spoiled by the wind. 12 for brakes, 19 kitting and 30 quality. Total score 61. Steve Mountain was next a two minute walk from Dean's house. Again bright with strong wind, sun started showing its self now. We had some food and cracked on. He flew his old birds. They were very quiet but halfway through the time they put a big break of ten that caught everyone by surprise, especially Steve. The highest brake I've seen so far. Brakes 40, kitting 19 and quality of 50, total score of 107. Short drive back to Dean Armstrong for his young birds. We had some tea and biscuits and then got birds out. By now the wind was getting really strong about 35 mph and it was bright and clear skies. You could see the birds had some good quality if it wasn't for wind done a lot better, but just fighting the wind ducking and diving. Got 15 brakes, 19 kitting and 50 quality total score 84. 28 September A 5:30 start for Gordon Joplin as he was first flyer of the day. Overcast very still quite warm but damp. After a quick cuppa he kicked is old birds out. When they first came out there were flying really steady look like there was going to be doing some serious work. But went a bit quiet towards the end. Brakes 45, kitting 19 and quality 40 total score 104. Stuart Turton was next to fly his old birds. By now the clouds were disappearing and sun was coming out with very still wind. The birds were very loose in kitting and wasn't breaking together, but the crack was good. 10 brakes, 12 kitting and 30 quality total score 52. Philip Mackenzie flew his young bird's next. Bright sunny clear skies with little bits of clouds hardly any wind. Birds came out and Philip pretty much put them straight on the clock. With in minutes had a visit from a couple of buzzards, that made the kit pin out. Shame cause they looked busy up there. In the end Phil scratched the ticket. Gordon Joplin flew is young birds. Weather was bright and sunny with clear blue skies. Birds came out flew steady, but quiet one bird landed before 15 minutes. Brakes 20, kitting 17 and quality 40 total score 72. Over to Alan Milne for his young birds. It was bright and clear skies. Birds came out but they won't really getting together, needed to be flagged up for the full ten minutes. Eventually they did get together but were very quiet. Breaks 15, kitting 14, Quality 20 total score 44. Ernie Johnson was next, again the weather was similar to Alan's bright sky clear with the sun blazing through by now. His yearlings pinned out straight away. When they eventually came back down they got 11 breaks, 17 kitting and 10 quality total score 38. Now to Eddi Baldwin for his Young birds. Bright clear skies sunny no wind. When the birds came out took a bit off flagging to get these birds up. As soon as they went up three other birds join them, but never really went into the kit funny how they kept the distance. I think there was some sort of highfliers. The birds put a couple of breaks but just kept on missing. There were some very nice individuals one in particular the odd side with a black feather in the tail. I also picked out this as best young bird of the fly "TWRC 237, 2017". Bird landed at 16 minutes 56 seconds. Breaks 11, kitting 19 and quality 60. Total score 90. Alan Milne flew his yearlings, now the weather was bright with blue sky and a slight breeze. Kit came out but needed to be flagged up again, after nine minutes they was on the clock. Brakes 26, Kitting 16 and quality 40. Total score of 82. Then to John Hall he was the last flyer of the day. It was bright and sunny. We all had a cuppa before letting the birds out. They came out and went pretty high but not enough to be taken off the clock. Just ticked over slowly, then all of a sudden put a massive breaking of ten. Breaks 50, Kitting 18 and quality 40, total score 108. 29 September Gordon Joplin flew his old bird kit. It was overcast with about 8 mph wind, gustily sometimes. Birds came out and got blew away a little bit. What worked well together the quality improved a lot from yesterday. Brakes 33, Kitting 19, quality 60 total score 112. Over till the other side of Newcastle to judge Alan Miller's young birds. This was a fly off between Alan and Fred Elton for the Pensom shield. By now the weather had picked up it was quite windy now and the rain started too. A typical autumn weather. As soon as the birds came out they got put on the clock, after one break, they got blown away for the full judges ten minutes. When they finally came back, just docked and dived. 5 brake, 19 Kitting and quality 50 total score 74. Ernie Johnson flew his yearlings, Little cloudy and raining. Birds were very quiet 10 breaks, 19 Kitting and 30 quality. Total score 59. Back to Gordon Joplin for his yearling kit. We all had a cuppa tea and the best Apple and Cherry pies I ever teased, before he kicked the kit out. They came out into the cloud and rain. Really fantastic kit to watch awesome quality birds, breaking beautifully as a team. It was probably the most active kit of the fly, by now I was getting excited at the prospect of what they were capable of. Disappointingly they all landed at 9 minutes and got DQ. What a shame! Then over to Stockton to see Wayne Alpes kit. The kit went really high soon as they came out and stayed up there for the full 20 minute duration. 21 breaks, 20 kitting and 20 quality total score 61. Mark Jobson flew his yearlings next. Weather was still the same hovering clouds with rain. Again these birds came out and went heigh and stayed there for nearly the full duration only came down right at the end. Breaks 25, kitting 14, quality 30 total score 69. Hours drive to Keith Story through some fantastic scenic views, to see is old birds. When we got here the clouds had gone and the Sun came out, started to get quite hot. As soon as his bird came out they went really high. Keith had his full 10 minutes and then judges time for another 3 minutes before they came down enough to start judging. Breaks 44, Kitting 17 quality 50 total score 111. 30th September Harry Heard is the first flyer of the day. It was beautiful morning with about 5 mph wind, overcast, sun just trying to shine. He flew his old birds they didn't do much, Harry's experience told him to scratched the kit. Dean Forster flew his old birds next. It was overcast with Sun trying to come through the clouds with about 5 mph winds, perfect weather. Birds came out and they worked really well, lovely kit to watch some very nice quality birds in there. When they rolled you could see a definite separation between the birds that rolled and the birds that stayed in the kit. Brakes 106, Kitting 18, quality 100 total score 224. Christopher Sharp flew his yearlings. Some decent quality birds but didn't work together well. Scored for breaks 18, kitting 15 quality 40 total score 73. Colin Bailey flew his yearlings next. It was overcast with the slightest of breeze, a roller man's dream. Colin had a good instinct when to put them on the clock. Because as soon as they went on they put a massive break of ten. Looked a promising kit but went quiet towards the end. Breaks 58, kitting 19 and quality 50 total score 127. Then back to Harry Heard's to see his young birds. They just wasn't going together and the weather was perfect overcast slight breeze. Brakes 10, kitting 19 and quality 30 total score 59. Lee Donnelly flew he's old birds. Weather was bright with a slight breeze. The kit flashed up a few times nicely with some nice quality in the team. Breaks 55, kitting 19 and quality 70 so total score 144. Back to Colin Bailey for his old birds, again they were very quiet. Got 24 for brakes, 19 kitting and 30 quality, total score 69. Then to the last flyer in Middlesbrough for today it was Steven Finn. He flew his old birds. By now the weather was bright and sunny with a slightest of wind. They ticked over nicely and put a massive break of 11 (Biggest brake awarded so far.). Just before they got attacked by the Peregrine, three came down at 13 minutes so he just kept his score. Brakes 66, kitting 15 and quality 40. Total score 121. An hour's drive back to Newcastle to judge Ernie Johnson's old bird kit. The sun had gone by now and I was overcast when we got to him. Very quite just kept missing, he got 20 brakes, 18 kitting and quality 20 so total score 58. 1st October First flyer was Dean Foster with his old birds. They came out and was on clock straight away. What a fantastic kit to watch some excellent quality probably the best I've seen on the fly so far. Very unfortunate that they landed at 11 minutes DQ. The weather was overcast with a little bit of breeze the conditions were perfect. Christopher Sharp flew is young birds, by now the rain started to picking up a little bit more still overcast. Kitting was very poor stringing out in a very long line, when they were actually kitting. Now whether it was due to the wind or not I don't know. Breaks 35, quality 50 and kitting 11 total score 96. Colin Bailey is next he flew his yearlings. Weather was perfect for flying rollers grey skies. His birds were a lot better than they were yesterday. Some nice activity brakes 58, kitting 19, quality 50 overall score 128. Went for a breakfast at a carvery and then over to Harry Heard's for his young birds. They looked really active from far as they got blown away quite a bit. Me and Mark walked and walked until we was under them, they wasn't really rolling and missing all the time. Weather was cloudy and spitting. He got brakes 10, kitting 20 and quality 30, total score 60. Peter Robinson flew his young birds, weather was overcast and by now the wind started picking up to about 15 mph. Birds got blown away for full 10 minutes, then judge's 3 of minutes. They put a few nice break in some good quality birds in there. Flashed up very nicely a few times. Brakes 50, kitting 19 and quality 70 total score 139. Then over to Harry Heards to see his yearlings weather was overcast and the wind started to pick up by now. He kicked his birds out straight away. Wind spoiled the kit though and a kit of racers didn't help either. Brakes 20, kitting 17, quality 40. Total score 77. Next was John Wallness he flew his young birds. They didn't have a chance in the wind it was blowing them all over. No brakes just 11 kitting and 20 quality total score 31. Then we all had some food kindly provide by John. Stephen Finn was next. The wind was same, still strong but this kit held its own against the wind. Big breaking birds shame that the wind spoiled them as well, a really nice kit to watch. Two landed before 15 minutes costing him 10 points. Brakes 82, kitting 18 and quality 70, total score 160. Sean Lincoln flew his young birds, gustily wind might have effected the birds from kitting. Breaks 6, kitting 9 and quality 30 total score 45. Dean Foster was the last kit of the day. It was windy with bits of rain. As soon as the birds were liberated they got blown away. They came back after 11 minutes and landed resulting in a DQ. 2nd October The wind was really strong it would have to be the strongest on the fly so far, must be about 40 mph winds. Mark O'Neill scratched both his kits Yearlings and old birds for AERC. Then over to James Brunton to see his yearlings. But as it was so windy he also scratched his kit. So we arrived at Tony McGloclin's about 11am wind wasn't any better still about 40 mph. Tony flew his old birds after a lot of deliberation he decided to kick the team out. The birds surprisingly never went out of sight once. Brakes 12, kitting 19, quality 30 total score 61. Very short Day today. 3rd October Only three flyers today but you could see the wind would spoil the day's flyers (Weather forecast 26 mph wind). First up was Jimmy Thompson to fly his yearlings, his on a farm overlooking the moors. Birds just didn't do anything at all. No brakes, 17 kitting and quality 10. Total score 22. Next up was Noorul Khan flew his yearlings, the birds were ducking and diving all over. That's after they came back from getting blown away. He had his 10 minutes then my 10 minutes then the birds came back. Brakes 31, kitting 13 and quality 50. Total score 94. Mark McCrory was the last flyer of the day, he was flying his young birds. Wind was on and off with overcast sky. As soon as they went on clock they put a massive brake of 10 in. Then every time the wind stopped, the birds put a brakes in. Some nice birds that work really well together and as if the birds knew time was nearly up, they put a massive break 10 seconds before time was up. Brakes 65, kitting 18 and quality 60. Total score 143. 4th October Today was a exceptionally windy day, Jimmy Thompson was the first flyer of the day. He flew his Old birds. I was shocked he actually kicked his kit out in this wind, must have been about 45 mph. Surprisingly birds never got blown away. Brakes 29, kitting 18 and quality 40. Total score 87. Next was Mark McCrory to fly his young birds again. It was about 35 mph winds and raining cats and dogs at same time. I couldn't keep my umbrella up straight. He kicked his kit out and they got blown away straight away. They came back and was just ducking and diving putting in brakes every time they came back. Shame about the wind they would have done well. Brakes 31, kitting 18 and quality 70. Total score 99. Then over to Noorul Khan for his old birds. Wind was the same about 35 mph his birds got blown away for his 10 minutes. Then they was off for my 10 minutes just as they got back two of the largest Peregrines I've ever seen were into them. Birds scattered all over the sky but as soon as the Peregrines went kit was straight back together. But fighting the wind by ducking and diving between the houses. Brakes 18, kitting 13 and quality 70. Total score 81. 5th October Last flyer of the whole competition is Noorul Khan, he's flying his yearlings today. The weather was bright and sunny with about 26mph winds. It was hard to see the birds as they were in and out between the terrace houses and large trees. Brakes 52, kitting 14 and quality 60. Total score 126. That concluded the Fly. Judge's report by Rajendro Das.

Just a reminder everyone MRPC Autumn/ Winter open show will take place on Saturday 18th November 2017, at The Village Hall, Fairfield, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B61 9LY. The show is open to rollers and any other breed of pigeon and all birds should be penned by 10.00 am. Judging will commence shortly afterwards. There will also be an auction of roller pigeons, and cash prizes for show positions (cash to be donated by Kevin Bowden) For more information or a copy of the show schedule please contact Kevin on 07761 851701

Its been brought to our attention that someone in the West Mids is selling pigeons, claiming them to be MRPC birds. These birds have blue MRPC rings but also have an additional letter R along with a bogus number and 2017 as the date bred. These are not MRPC rings if you are offered any of these birds for sale then you are being conned out of your money. Check rings carefully Please be aware.

Phil McKenzie to MRPC Cosrc young bird fly 1st Mac Houston 2nd Shaun Forrest 3rd stu Turton Thanks to abbz for judging mark for marking and bringing Dom and matty along, thanks to all the other local lads who followed the fly all day much appreciated. That's the end of our season and I'd like to thank all members who took part this year and all the lads from up and down the country who've turned up to judge or support our flys. Good luck in nationals 👍🏻Phil McKenzie

Via Rajen Das, to MRPC, with regards to the 2017 National Fly Offs and Pensom Trophy competitors. I have two weeks from 31st to do schedule. But I have informed John that I'm starting on Sunday 24/9. It'll take about 10 days. Schedule not done yet. The Pensom fly off will be done at same time. I'll know more once the schedule is done. The schedule goes out every year around the 10th of September no different this year. Good look to all competing.

‎Rajen Das‎ to MRPC · BDFRC had our Young bird fly today. Not as many as the usual support, but still a good crack. Very big thanks to Dom Butterworth for judging for us, and Khalifa Abbz for marking. And also donating judges expenses towards the club, members appreciate it very much. Well done to everyone who took part. 1st Mark Mccrory. 2nd Abbz Khalifa. 3rd Jonathan Broadbent.

Roller pigeon open show

Notification of suspension of MRPC club member G. Fletcher. as you are aware it has recently been brought to the attention of this club that your actions or rather lack of actions have resulted in the death of numerous Birmingham roller pigeons for which you were responsible. This has been corroborated with graphic photographic images and witnesses testimony. In the interests of all pigeon keepers the MRPC committee have collectively decided to suspended your current club membership with immediate effect. You are invited to attend the MRPC Annual General Meeting which has been scheduled for Sunday 11th February 2018 (second Sunday in February), to stand before the members and explain what caused the death of these birds. Any documentary evidence that you have, in the form of veterinary diagnosis, treatments, or official receipts should be produced. The members will then vote on whether your club membership should be reinstated. Steve Atkinson. MRPC

Cosrc young bird qualifier 1st Philip Mackenzie 2nd Shaun Forrest and Mac Houston 3rd darren Duggan Individual bird goes to Darren Duggan well done mate you deserve it 👍🏻 Thanks to Mark Mccrory for judging and Khalifa Abbz for marking and Dom and dave Maguire for the support

Via Rajen Das AERC Leaderboard as of 16/08/17 Old Birds Deano Forster 252 points Yearlings Colin Bailey 152 points Young Birds Alan Milne 149 points

Rajen Das to MRPC WRRC had our Young bird fly yesterday. A big thank you to Chris Birch for judging and Kevin Bowden for marking. They came a long way did a great job, we appreciate it. Thanks Also thanks to all the supporters specially those that came up from Hull, Barnsley etc. You made the fly great. Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to winners and runners up. 1st Mark Mccrory, 2nd Syed Saheed Shah, 3rd Khalifa Abbz

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