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69 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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International Summer School for 13-18 year olds in St Andrews, Cambridge & Yale Universities. For more detailed information:
ISSOS Summer School, St Andrews;

ISSOS Summer School, Cambridge:

ISSOS Summer School, Yale


Sending love to all the ISSOS International Family around the world. What ever you are doing today we hope it is filled with friends, family and happiness. #ISSOSElfontheShelf #HappyHolidays #ISSOSInternationalFamily #Friends

This cheeky ISSOS Elf has stolen the Mince Pies we left for Santa. It must be #ChristmasEve! @ISSOSElfontheShelf #SummerSchool #ISSOSExperienceofalifetime #HappyHolidays

Look who got his hands on the Clan Cup?! The ISSOS Elf will have to give it back as either Clan #MacDonald #Stewart #Wallace or #MacGregor will need it for next summer. #ISSOSElfontheShelf #ClanCup #HappyHolidays

Someone has been up to no good in the office today. Just as well we are now closed for the Christmas holidays! Our Head Office will open on 3 January and we look forward to what 2018 will bring. #ISSOSElfontheShelf #HappyHolidays #SummerSchool

#ISSOSElfontheShelf has been making friends and having a snowball fight. We are glad he won't be lonely when we finish today for the Christmas holidays. #holidays #summerschool #snowballfight #friends

The ISSOSElf has chosen his elective for next year - Art! What would you choose at St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale? We have something for everyone, from Outdoor Leadership to Theatre and Fencing to Photography. Apply to ISSOS 2018 soon to get your first choice of class #ISSOSElfontheShelf #ISSOSSummerSchools #Experienceofalifetime

ISSOS wish you and your family a very happy festive season! We have put together a video of some of our favourite memories of summer which we hope you enjoy.

It’s an ISSOS Efie Selfie! The #ISSOSElfontheShelf was disappointed he wasn’t invited on the Head Office Christmas lunch but managed to sneak in on a photo. #ISSOSElfontheShelf #HappyHolidays

#ISSOSelfontheshelf Today the ISSOS Elf has been reading the ISSOS Times our magazine so everyone can relive their summer. The Elf is reading who won the clan cup in St Andrews, Cambridge & Yale this summer. Join the Elf and download the ISSOS Times. #ISSOS #ISSOSTimes #Summerschool #ISSOSelfontheshelf

The ISSOS Elf has been busy accepting applications from students who will be joining us at ISSOS St Andrew’s ISSOS Cambridge and ISSOS, Yale. Book your place before it's too late #ISSOSElfontheShelf #Summerschool #ISSOSStudents

With much of the UK experiencing snow and wintry conditions, the ISSOS #ElfontheShelf decided to get into the spirit of things. #ChristmasatISSOS #ISSOSElfontheShelf #Happyholidays

#TestimonialTuesday hear why our teachers love working at @ISSOS in our new video. Every year we have the privilege of working with talented and enthusiastic staff who dedicate their summers to teaching our students. #TeachingatISSOS #SummerJobs #ISSOSStaff