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Wild Foxes Forest School CIC

botolphs, Steyning, United Kingdom
Child Care Service



Forest school is an inspirational process that offers children and young people opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self esteem, through hands on learning experience in a local woodland environment.

  Wild foxes cic is a social enterprise not-for-profit company.



Willow and Teddy checking over the site ready for tomorrow’s session.

Our new little forest school dog Teddy. Will b staying on a lead to start with.

Looking forward to being back in the woods on Monday with out fox and cub session.

Cuddles with Willow, Sock drying by the fire, WW2 and strange holes in the ground just some of the child lead activities today

Who else had worn out kids??

Mega thanks to Hayley, cathy and Sammy who worked there socks off. Thanks guys x

Dinner today was spaghetti with carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash hidden in the sauce. At one point the fire was being used to dry socks. The kids really had a blast today.

The children had the chance to make wooden rabbits and catapults, but then found they could hammer nails into the wood and wrap wool to make hearts. Really love this kind of child lead exploration.

What a lovely session this morning. We had the tarp up but it wasn’t needed. We went bug hunting and foraging, but no one wanted to eat any jelly ears. Amber loved eating the fresh nettles which tasted just like of green veg. The ditches had more water than we’ve ever had before but we did found it was dry by the island so they built bridges across to the other side.


Vans all packed, fingers crossed the tarp stays dry.

Time to prep the hidden veg for lunch tomorrow. 🍝


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