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Alex Brooks Soft Tissue Specialist

Osteopathic Clinic, Saffron Walden, United Kingdom
Gym/Physical Fitness Center



Sports injuries, postural injuries, rehabilitation, kinesio taping.

I love my work and everything it encompasses - especially working with patients. I am very passionate about injures that people acquire, from either sporting environments or from everyday working issues that are picked up. I know from first hand experience how injuries can stop you from training fully in your sport or working in your job at the level you require. This can have an affect on your performance and/or your income.  

I am much more than sports massage. I work with every aspect of soft tissue, from muscles, ligaments and tendons. I also identify areas of muscular, imbalance which cause various issues throughout the body. I work a lot with posture and its affect on the body. Assessments of joints and mobility. Fascial restriction from years of repetitive movements and much more.

Cost: 1 hours is £44, 45 minutes is £40, 30 minutes is £33

If I decide I won't need a full hour, then I shall cut the session short in order to not over work areas.  



Now this is impressive and playing to your strengths/body composition.

I have a lot of patients that suffer from tendon compression in the shoulder and top of the hamstring. This is a great video to show what's going on.

A patient of mine is doing an amazing race next week in Argentina. It consists of 155 miles over 7 days in Patagonia and she has to run with all her food and camping bits. It's been a lot of fun going through this journey with Cindy as she prepares and it's going to be an amazing experience. The thought of running a single marathon makes me feel a bit off, but this is another level of awesome. Enjoy every minute (😒) and see you on the other side 👍 #RacingThePlanet #PatagoniaRunning #155miles7days #respect

This is the effect muscle imbalance and tension in the pelvis has further up the chain. When the left hip us extended, restriction shifts the pelvis to the left causing it to pinch on the right and shorten. The torso then compresses to the right causing the shoulders to drop and rotate. On long rides or Sportive riding, it would cause a lot of discomfort for a few days. There were a few issues on this particular case, one being the saddle. It had collapsed on the left hand side and was rotated a couple of millimetres to the left. Small tolerance that has a big effect.

Some learning from this morning. What a fantastic course this has been so far.

Really excited to be doing this course this weekend. It is focussed on bike fitting in relation to pre-existing imbalance, injuries, mechanics etc. The course will enable me to do a screening of the individual and then fit the bike to them. I hope to develop this with the use of sensors and joint tracking with computer software that can be carried over to any sport 😊

These, coincidentally, are some things I incorporate for rehabilitation and stability. I've always advised to avoided foam rolling the ITB directly as it causes more pain than benefit. Being an inelastic tendon it requires the muscles to be released and stretched/strengthened to get the desired result. Les Ryder, there are some additional bits here for you to try out too. Have a look and we will discuss this week.

How the muscles are strained from sitting for long periods. Strengthening of the weaker, more streached muscles, will help relieve some of the strain and discomfort.

Amazing time from a patient, Steve Mason in yesterday's #CambridgeHalfMarathon. Steve trains incredibly hard for his PB's and this year is no exception. Very well done!