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What a great transformation story from our member Greg. Worth a read as he talks about his experience achieving his goals and how he managed to do it. This is the message he wrote us: Okay I finally have time to write down my weight loss strategy. 😊 I tried to do this in the last 3-4 years, but I always lost my motivation after 2-3 months and to be honest, my diet was not okay to achieve bigger goals in my training sessions. 2017 was a life changing year for me, because I was able to sort out the demons in my head (Doritos, Ice Cream, Chocolate, lazyness as well). I started Judo when I was 3 years old. I was competing as well from the age of 10 untill 20. I had a serious injury and I had to give up my training routine. After this I just didn`t care how I look, because I told myself that it doesn`t matter anymore. I was terribly wrong. 😀 So this year when I joined Anytime Fitness in Rushden, I decided that okay no more excuses. 2017 will be the year of the "comeback". As you can see on the picture above, the change is radical. There`s no secret about my achivement. These are the principles what I had followed: I started with 2-3 times a week in the gym. Chest-back, legs-abs, arms-shoulders. 15 minutes cardio after every session. I was pretty much dead after a workout. 3 months later I started to do 4 sessions. Chest-abs, back, shoulders and legs-arms. I realised that it works a lot better if I do abs on chest day, probably because the 2 muscle groups are closer to eachother. The bloodflow was a lot better. Meanwhile I was eating more protein and less carbs. Protein 1.5 gramm x bodyweight in kg; Carbs were the same. These values by food, I did not count the protein shakes which were 3 a day. about 75 gramms which is nothing really. From the 3rd month I realised I`d already lost 1.5 stones and I was stronger and my stamina was a lot better as well. After that I increased my protein intake and went down with carbs. 2.2 gramms x bodyweight kg was the formula for protein, and 1.25 gramms x bodyweight kg for carbs. Plus I started to do an extra cardio workout in the morning on one of my rest days. With empty stomach, only took some BCAA to avoid critical muscle-loss. 3 months later I lost another stone. 2.5 stones already already in 6 months. After this period I changed my workout plan to 5 days a week plus an extra cardio day. This is the plan what I follow at the moment. Shoulder day, arms day, leg day, day off, chest + tricepsday , back + biceps day and the 6th is a morning cardio session. In my diet I reached a point when it is not a diet anymore. This is the way I eat, which is the key factor I believe. Went up to 2.5 gramms x body kg and 1.5 gramms again x body kg in carbs. To be honest I didn`t worry about the fat, because we need it (saturates of course :D). Here is an example for a daily meal routine: Breakfast- 4 eggs + 50 g chicken breast + half an onion + pepper+ 3 toasts with a protein shake. Lunch- 125 gramms of Rice+ turkey breast 200 g+ salad+ protein shake. 2 hours after cottege cheese with a table spoon of peanut butter. 2 hours later a banana with a protein bar. Dinner- 200 g tuna+ cherry tomatoes+ table spoon of olive oil+ protein shake. Midnight snack- cottege cheese with a little protein powder just for the flavour. I still have 3 months left of my first year plan. Lost 4 stones already. As you can see on the picture, something is definitely happening. 😀 The secret is patience. The result won`t be rapid, but it worth it👍🏻 Thanks Greg for writing this and we hope this helps you to feel more motivated. Be patient but work hard and eventually you WILL get there. It all starts with a FREE trial:

Female member of the month goes to Zoe Quail @zjquail for her fantastic achievement of reaching her personal goal throughout October. She had a tough task ahead of her and she not only reached that target weight but lost more than she expected! She has a fantastic attitude towards her training and done a tremendous job to get this far. Keep up the good work and the lovely attitude - we love seeing her smile at the gym 😊 #memberofthemonth #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessfamily #anytimefitnessrushden #goals #fitness #fitnessmotivation

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Guys ! I've just had a really inspirational chat with member Alex Safford who has just wowed me with his progress over the last few years. He truly is working very hard and is evidence that if you work hard, no matter the circumstances you can do it ! You can achieve your goals if you set your mind to it. He hasn't had it easy but has the strength, physically and mentally to overcome some pretty tough challenges. He has an amazing blog and Instagram. It's 100% worth a read and genuinely well written and funny at times. Please please check it out and I bet you find yourself motivated to work harder - He even has some decent tips in there for you :) The MS Press

YES @bosworth91 for winning the male event and earning himself a complimentary years membership and £100 red letter day voucher🎉

It was a pleasure to host such a fantastic competition today ! Well done everyone - it was a tough event that was surprisingly close. @anytime_fitness_gosport took the trophy for the second year running so well done 👍🏻 #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessfamily #anytimefitnessrushden #survivalofthefittest #fitness #competition #gym #gymtime #rushden

A reminder that tomorrow morning from 9am we are reserving some equipment for the survival of the fittest 2017 event! This will include 2 treadmills, 2 rowers, 2 powermills, 2 squat racks and the deadlift platform. Everything open again at 2pm but there will be refreshments including a range of products from ufit protein drinks and lunch from mrs b’s. Everyone more than welcome to come down to support the club you love ! Wish Gemma and Joe the best of luck 👍🏻

This Saturday @bosworth91 and @gemmakingdom take on the winners from @anytimefitnessrugby @anytimefitness_fareham @anytimefitnessgosport @anytimefitnesswinchester @anytimefitnesstwickenham @clactonanytimefitness Come down to show some support from 9am Saturday morning. It will be a great day. A warning that we will be reserving some equipment for the event! Come on Rushden this is our year I can feel it !! 😝⭐️💪🏻💪🏻👊🏻👊🏻😜😉😁😎🎉 #survivalofthefittest #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessfamily #fitness #gymchallenge #fitnessmotivation #gymnotivation #gymbuddy

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Male Member of the Month⭐️⭐️⭐️ I know it’s well in November now but we are yet to announce the members of the month for October as both haven’t been in much due to personal reasons. HOWEVER massive congrats to Barry. Barry has deserved these prizes as he entered into the survival of the fittest challenge despite him not thinking he would do very well. He came runner up in the competition and has just been a pleasure to have around recently ! His commitment to his fitness is something to admire and he will be one to watch for next year’s comp. He got himself a hoody, water bottle, protein shaker, stressball and a runner up medal for his efforts. Well done bud and keep up the postitive attitude which is truely motivating 👍🏻 Your journey starts with a free trial:

Is there a better transformation out there ? 😮😜😱🤤 Timo Tim Our dedicated member @timogb has seen some amazing results from his hard work over the years and we are very proud of him we thought he deserved a shout out today ! Well done mate keep up the hard work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Your transformation starts with a free pass: #motivation #transformationtuesday #gym #gymlife #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessrushden #rushden #fitness #fitnessmotivation #hardwork #workhardplayharder #dedication

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