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Welcome to our Rotherham Branch. This page is where you will find available appointments and special offers for our Rotherham Branch only.

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🐤EASTER BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND🐤 Please note we are closed this Friday 30th March, Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd April 2018 We are open this Saturday 31st March For bookings online please click on the BOOK NOW icon on Facebook and select your therapist, location, day, time and waxing treatment or call us on 01709322023 or 07792196188 🌼🌼Thank you and Happy Easter 🌼🌼

🔥 L A S T C H A N C E 🔥 Tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE to get your bookings with Molly at a HIGHLY DISCOUNTED RATE*! ▪️ HOLLYWOOD £15 ▪️ SUMMER PACKAGE - HOLLYWOOD,FULL LEG,UNDERARM & BROW WAX ONLY £25!!! Sheffield & Rotherham appointments available... Must be booked ONLINE by 7pm tomorrow! * appointment can be for any date. Online bookings only. #waxing #theelitewaxgroup #rotherham #sheffield #salon

Male Packages are soooo popular right now... book your male waxing online now via our Facebook page or call us on 01709322023

Well Done Ladies 🙌🏻 For course dates/new courses/ updates visit our new page The Elite Wax Group Training

🔸🔶WEVE LISTENED TO YOU 🔸🔶 FULL FACIAL WAXING WITH HOT WAX (Inc hair line work, forehead, nose, nostrils, sides, jawline, chin, neck - threading intro too) Weve listened and we're starting to deliver a course in JUST facial waxing. We have all realised Dermaplaning is just like shaving and now the industry is wanting something longer lasting with the same smooth, exfoliated and brighter skin results. What a perfect course. 🔸🔸🔸NOW WERE DELIVERING 🔸🔸🔸 Tuesday 17th April 1 Day Course - 10am - 4pm £125.00 inc mini kit (worth £250) From doing this course you will become a stockist with your own Elite Wax online account and one of our specialist Waxers will help your business with advertising and promotions Recommended for - MUA, Barbers, Aesthetic Nurses, Clinics, General Salons, Therapists, Brow Designers, Microbladers, Lash Designers Anyone can do this course beginner to experienced Book Now - 01709 322023 342c Herringthorpe Valley Road, Stag roundabout, S60 4LA

NEW NUMBER ALERT - 01709 322023 Thank you for your patience. We have changed our service and our contact number due to a bad network provider. We are now happy to announce this is our new official contact number for Rotherham Salon, Sheffield Salon, Wholesale & Training. We have admin staff who manage all bookings for all salons, and enquiries for training & wholesale Please save this number for future equiries & bookings Thank You The Elite Wax Group

The Elite Wax Group Q&A plus OUR TIPS I FEEL EMBARRASSED... HELP! 😳 Firstly our team are the friendliest around so there is no need to worry. Trust us, your not too hairy. The hairier the better as your results will be AMAZING! YES, you're completely normal down there! (Honestly) & NO your not to old or big. Our average client is a size 16-18 and our eldest hollywood client is 79. Our clients say they hate grey public hair, "so get it all off" ! Let it grow! Ditch your razor (literally throw it in the bin!) Razors may give you a day of instant smoothness (if that, if your like us) but..... Each time you shave your cutting the hair at the thickest point making the hair feel and look corse Do I need to trim the hair before coming to The Elite Wax Group?... No! Leave everything to us. You might trim too short. Is there anything I need to do?... Yes, make sure you use our Ingrowing Hair Terminator a week before or exfoliate before coming to see us as this preps the skin ready for waxing and also removes any dead skin cells that are trapping hairs under the skin ensuring a smooth wax. Also, HYDRATE yourself. Its important to make sure you're hydrated as this ensures your skin is in the best possible state for waxing. We recommend olive oil on a cotton pad to moisturise (don't do this on the day of waxing) How long does a Brazillian or Hollywood wax take?⏰ At The Elite Wax Group were famous for our 15min waxes! you won't even realise you've been waxed were that quick. How long until my hairs grow back? Ok, this is the million dollar question... When it comes to the hairs regrowth cycle were not all created equal, we all grow at different rates. We have clients who have to extend their waxes to 6 weeks and clients who come every 3 weeks. BUT don't worry over time your hairs will thin out and your hair cycle will sync so you won't need your wax as often (this process takes time and needs consistent wax appointments to get you to this stage) Am I too old to get a wax? ABSOLUTELY NOT! we have clients from all ages right into their 80's! you are never EVER too old ...So wax on ladies!😎😁 What do i need to do/avoid after my wax? AVOID Tight clothing and underwear as friction can cause irritation and increase the risk on ingrowing hairs. The gym or anything that may cause you to get a little bit sweaty. If you are wanting to have sex. We recommend to have a cold shower over the area beforehand to help close your pores. Tanning (sunbeds or fake tan as the pores are open and we don't want you getting any nasty infections), perfumed products, deodorants, and makeup for 24hours. Do... Take a cool shower and avoid touching the waxed area Take home our Ingrowing Hair Terminator solution, its a must as it's our powerhouse product that prevents and treats ingrowing hairs, spots and smooths and refines the skin. You can use this on any part of the body. Top Tip - if you suffer at the time of the month with spots. Use this product and see results instantly £12.99 in a huge 250ml bottle (lasts 4-6 months depending on areas your treating) Make repeat appointments we recommend every 4-5 weeks ... BOOK NOW ONLINE VIA FACEBOOK - ANY QUESTIONS SEND US A MESSAGE...

📢📢📢HYGIENE 📢📢📢 The average use of Spatulas used per treatment... Brows - 6 Spatulas Hollywood - 20 Spatulas Full package - 80 Spatulas Full Body - 200 Spatulas We are well known for our "outstanding" hygiene levels On average we go through 21,000 Spatulas per month ◾️◾️◾️WE DONT DOUBLE DIP ◾️◾️◾️ We don't double dip and cross contaminate. If we put the same Spatula back into a wax heater, the risk of dead skin cells, skin conditions/herpes etc multiples by the billions within the wax heater and is passed onto other clients. It's so important for salons not to do this for the client and wax therapist hygiene. You don't have to worry, we protect you and we NEVER scrimp on materials. We can't say this doesn't happen in other salons as colleges teach to double dip as they don't get the funding for materials so this method is passed on throughout the industry. EVERY trainee who attends our courses all double dip until they enter our training building... REMEMBER - No one regulates the beauty industry. Crazy... we know, but it's true... Be safe... Experience Elite, Be Unique xxx

👶Pregnancy Waxing👶 At The Elite Wax Group, we can wax you from the day you find out your expecting right up until the day you give birth! As long as there's no infection, we can successfully wax 6 weeks after birth, even after a Caesarian. We NEVER Double Dip and always give a successful, quick removal so an intimate wax is a key feature of preparation for your new arrival! Prices From £27.50

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