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Eden Motor Group

38-40 Portman Rd, Reading, United Kingdom
Car Dealership



A friendly, non-pushy car dealership with some of the most competitive prices in the entire country! New and used car sales as well as aftercare services offered across our 19 dealerships across South England.


A very deserved trophy for the 3008 - everyone who test drives it at our Wokingham showroom falls in love with it!

We shed a tear.

Does YOUR car colour reflect your personality? Let us know in the comments!

Roads are pretty icy this morning.

Christmas has come early in Wokingham! We'll save you AT LEAST £3,285 on a new Peugeot (and as much as £10,000):

Here's a clip of a Lambo wiping out at 200mph. Good afternoon.

Truly shocking images emerging from across the country as Eden colleagues wear their best/worst Christmas jumpers, all in support of Save the Children. A big thanks to the entire team for REALLY going to town this year, and more importantly, all of the generous donations to our Save the Children fundraiser! Here's some of the... highlights, we think?


One of our favourite MX-5 customers, Alice, appeared in this Mazda video which was recently played at the Tokyo Motorshow. She's basically famous now!

The new 5008 is easily one of the best drives we've had all year. REALLY excited to finally have it in the showroom:

Great. Now there's a manicurist somewhere planning to cover her car in human fingernails. [shudder]


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