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Radcliffe& East Bridgford Karate School

St Mary's Hall, Radcliffe on Trent, United Kingdom
Martial Arts School



We've become one of the most popular choices for children's sport on the area. Martial arts provides key skills and core movements in a fun environment  


East Bridgford Karate class ***IMPORTANT NOTICE *** Karate tonight is at the EB WI building as drama using the hall. Not 100% sure where that building is but EB is pretty small. See you later

No karate at East Bridgford or Radcliffe tonight. It’s not just the weather - I’ve been getting sicker all day.

Dojo Dog Arthur is loving the snow. I know EB schools may be closed, but who's training this evening? Is it a 'snow day' or Rocky IV training day?

Turns out Harriet is a fitness superstar and wins today's lesson with her epic commitment. Kizami Tsuke was the technique (one from the Green belt+ cannon) Good job

Been involved in a car accident en route. The cars front end has been wiped out. In shock but okay. Won't be able to make the class.

They liked this exercise :-)

Our first National Medalist. Well done Tom 😍🥋🏅 Hopefully more next year? If you are interested in joining the National Team. Send us a message.

East Bridgford Classes are filling up in East Bridgford (Thurs, 4:30pm). I've 4 spaces left (but I'm awaiting 2 enrolment forms - So it might only be 2 spaces. Here's a shameless self promoting kick

Happy New year from the beach of Marissa. Hope your 2018 is awesome.

So tomorrow I head to Yala National Park for a safari. Before then here's a Gyaku Tsuke on Mini Adams peak, with Ella Rock in the distance. Looking forward to 2018.....

Karate at a temple. Merry Christmas


NEAR Radcliffe& East Bridgford Karate School