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Brownsea Open Air Theatre

Brownsea Island, Poole, United Kingdom
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One of the biggest theatrical projects in the south, the annual production is set on The National Trust's Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, Dorset. These beautiful surroundings make for a wonderful show, and a fantastic evening of traditional Shakespeare. But there is more to the B.O.A.T experience than just the performance. The short ferry journey from Poole Harbour really sets up the evening, and sailing back to shore at night under the stars is memorable. Patrons often go to the island using their ticket from 5:00pm and explore the island or picnic. The ticket price includes the island landing fee, so you don't need to pay anything else to enjoy the island.

A project that takes many months to prepare each year, it is an experience that cast, crew and audience remember for a long time and relish to come back each year.


Some of you, I'm sure, like to be prepared early when thinking of auditioning - so, if you get yourself off to then you will find links to all you need to know - Character synopsies, audition pieces, auditionee information and a synopsis of the play itself. Share this around, get people you know involved and get involved yourself too. Why not? #Titus2018 #TitusAndronicus #OpenAirTheatre2018 #BOAT2018

It's all starting off again!! We are getting in gear for #Titus2018 and you can too! Auditions will be held 3rd and 4th of January 2018 and, rest assured, I will be reminding you!!!

Thank you for making our summer a part of yours. We loved presenting the show for you and we hope you enjoyed it just as much. As you can see, the area of our beautiful island that is as devoted to us as we are to it, is now clear and ready and waiting for #Titus2018 We'll see you then.

Hello all. I know you're all going to be looking at the weather forecasts and wondering and I promise to give you updates when I know. However, my day job is taking over a bit today, so I won't be able to answer direct messages. As soon as I know anything, it will be up here and tweeted on @brownseatheatre Other than that, do please call the mobile updates number on your ticket. Have a happy Friday!!

Tonight's performance of #AsYouLikeIt2017 is CANCELLED and will be performed TOMORROW - Thursday August 10th. We look forward to seeing you there and giving you our lovely show. Here's a picture of rain on daisies... #AnotherRainyNightInArden #TomorrowAndTomorrowAndTomorrow #WrongPlay

Hello all. I'm sure that, like me, you're all looking out of the window and wondering. Checking all the weather websites for what it's going to be like, and believing the one you like the look of most!!! We use Met Office Radar to help our decisions. At BOAT, we always endeavour to perform on the scheduled night where possible. With that in mind, the current view is as follows.. Tonight’s performance of #AsYouLikeIt2017 is still currently scheduled to go ahead, with the hope that the rain and showers throughout the day may clear by late afternoon. However, we will be looking at the picture of things throughout the day and I'll give you another update soon after 2PM For information regarding the decision making process, please see section 5 of our terms and conditions.

After the nastiness of the weather yesterday, all is looking lovely for our "Pretend Wednesday" showing of #AsYouLikeIt2017 tonight. To get you in the mood, please accept this pic of a happy sheep in the sun. #SunnyNightInArden #DontJinxIt

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, tonights performance of #AsYouLikeIt2017 is postponed to the contingency night - Tomorrow, August 3rd. See you then. #RainyNightInArden

Ok, ok. I'm going to stop pestering you with ticket updates now. Why, you ask? Well, check out the red bits on the pic here. #AsYouLikeIt2017 #SoldOut

Nine tickets left across the remaining 6 performances of #AsYouLikeIt2017 Best you get in there, sharpish!!

Update: Tonight's performance IS scheduled to go ahead as planned. No further check is planned until 5:00PM If you need an update after 5:00PM, please call the mobile service using the number on your ticket.


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