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Paw Palz

44 Capelrig Drive, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, East Kilbride, United Kingdom
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Group walks full of absolute nonsense � where dogs can be dogs, play with their friends and make lots of new ones! �
Message me for more info ��


look at these gorgeous faces 😍😍

Beautiful day to be hanging out with these looneys 😂🐶❤

This melts my heart 😭❤ Bonnie cuddled in to Axle. For those who dont know Bonnie she is an old lady who walks around by herself and ignores all the other dogs 😂 so this is pretty monumental ❤❤🐶 She has known Axle for about 5 years 😂

I found some super cute pictures from last year when the days were a little brighter 🌞🐶 I love all these pictures! ❤ my dogs are the cutest ever 🐕

Frotch and Lexi having a carry on today 😁 they seem to have formed a new friendship all of a sudden but its soooo adorable 😍😍

a few pics of fun in the snow today ⛄❄😍

Took a wee day trip to the swiss alps 😉 it was fab 😁🐶

Thanks to the trusty Paw Mobile I have made it to East Kilbride and all walks will go ahead as normal 🙌🙌🙌 I am starting pick ups early to give myself more time so times may be a little varied today 🙂 Have a good day people and stay safe on the roads 🚗🚚❄

Weather forecast says snow all through the night ❄ I fully intend to go ahead with walks as normal but if that isnt possible i will let you all know in the morning. Even if i have to sledge up the streets il do my best to get my pups 🐶☃

I love this video ❤❤ Frotch and Peggy being super cute at the start, then Alfie falls in a hole 🙈😂 and wee snowy Bella at the end ⛄🐶 love these wee pups ❤

We had so much fun on the second group today 😍🐶 had the place to ourselves and we ran riot 🙌 I love snow days ☃☃

Bella looooveddd the snow today 😍❄ so much nonsense! 😂