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St. Francis Home for Animals

Trevelgue road, Newquay, United Kingdom
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St Francis Home for Animals has been rehoming and rescuing dogs of all shapes and sizes for over 50 years. St Francis is a registered charity, number 205823.
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WOW!!! There are simply some days that the sun shines more than others and today, with this epic delivery, we are all smiling here. 😀 Thank you so much to Vitalin Pet Food who have kindly donated 2 large pallets of dog food to our rescue residents which arrived safely today. There is a large quantity of adult food, senior food and foods for the more sensitive tums so this is AMAZING. Please join us in saying a big THANK YOU. We are totally dependent on donations so gestures like this really do take the pressure off in so many respects. From all of us, thank you. 💖

Now, just in case you thought you are the only one who is unimpressed by the wet and rainy skies in Cornwall today, I can confirm that I am also on that list. Lurchers don't really do rain and I am no exception to that rule. In fact this morning, I was even barking at the team because I didn't want to be out in it.... but they said I had to go and have a scamper. I just wanted my duvet. Thankfully they had one waiting for me. So, in order to show my best side to you on a day when the weather isn't cooperating, they thought they would try pictures under an umbrella..... I can't say that I am any more impressed to be honest but I thank my friends for trying! My name is Paddy and I am 9 years old and I am looking for somewhere to rest my paws. If it needs saying, somewhere dry would be preferable 😉 Over recent times my family have had a lot of changes and they have realised that I would like so much more than they can offer for me as I enter my twilight years. I can be left home alone for short periods, I am housetrained, I could live with another dog as long as they don't ask too much of me. I am friendly but gentle. I could live with young children, preferably children who are at school during the day so that I get some quiet time. Sadly I cannot live in a home with cats or where there are any small furries such as rabbits etc. Now I need some TLC and what I would like is a new home please and a fire with my own rug I can stretch out in front of. If you think that you can offer me that kind gentle home that has time to let me enjoy doggy retirement then look no further. Give the team a call and they will call you back if you leave a message. 01637 872976.

The HUGEST of thank you's from all of the team at St Francis to Yellow Dog UK for their kind parcel we have received in the post. They have kindly donated a selection of yellow vests, bandanas and other goodies to help us to help our dogs. These will prove invaluable when we take our dogs off site for walkies. We do this as regularly as we can to not only give them a break from kennels but also as part of their assessment so that we can see how they cope with 'real life' rather than just the protected environment of being at the Centre. Not all of our dogs during these adventures are wanting to be approached by new people, although many of them do like an opportunity to say Hi. These vests will help our staff and our volunteers as well as ultimately the dogs we are helping, to stay safe out in the big wide world. We are grateful to Yellow Dog UK for their generosity. THANK YOU. 😁

I had an awesome day today! I met a lovely volunteer at St. Francis that smelt amazing! Turns out she had liver treats and I quite like them! After a few minutes of fooling around I decided to pose for a few pics I think I look pretty adorable, What do you guys think? Love Chloe x

We've said it before and we will say it again, we have the best supporters ever! Only days after Bellas plea for boredom buster toys and we have already received this lot! And we hear there's more to come! There's simply too many people to thank individually but please know we appreciate every single gift, from our fly ball kit to the cardboard toilet tubes. We've enjoyed reading all the messages sent with each gift. The dogs are going to have so much fun and it's all because of your generosity !

Dear Facebook friends, My name is Bella, I am one of the many dog’s at St Francis. Like many dog’s in kennels I am growing stressed and bored. I know my friends here are doing their best but their time is stretched and their work load is big. I’m trying to be calm about my situation but I’m really not. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know how I got here, or where I belong. Today I told my best friend here in my own subtle way that I am struggling, and so she took me to a room with sofa’s, and we sat and she read me stories. For the first time in days I actually laid down and relaxed. When I got back to my kennel it was awesome! They surprised me with boxes filled with biscuits that I had to rip open, and there was a doggy Bovril ice lolly hanging from the wall! There was even a Kong filled with food! I had a great time! So the reason I am writing to you is I overheard my friends saying they wish they could do more to keep me and doggy friends here entertained, but we’ve ran out of shoe boxes and there aren't enough cool food gadgets to share out. So they’ve put some awesome “enrichment” gadgets on the amazon wishlist in hope we can get more for everyone! They could also use more shoe boxes and cardboard toilet roll tubes if anyone is local and would like to drop some in, the team would be very grateful. These kind of fun things are invaluable to dog’s like me in kennels and can literally be the thing that keeps us sane in such stressful times. Love and licks, Bella x

Doggy charades! Can anyone guess which insect Chloe is impersonating? 😂

Gorgeous Jake! Now I don't ask for much so I don't really understand why I am still waiting but kennels are starting to take their toll on me a bit now. This week will be my 2 month anniversary at St Francis. I have had some interest though, I have even been reserved a couple of times now. Those reserves just haven't quite yet materialised into my happy ending yet! Hopefully it won't be long. I am 7 years old, a lurcher/collie mix and my favourite love in life is tennis balls. I could play all day if the team would let me. 😉 Why won't they let me? I never understand why the game has to end! I take time to get to know you, some say I am aloof, others say I am independent but actually I am just making sure you are nice to me. Once I know that then I am your best friend. Sometimes little things can worry me so an adult, pet free home would be best for me but I will be your best friend and walking buddy. If you think we could be a good match then contact the team and they will tell you all about me. They don't understand why I am still waiting but they know it is time I was heading home now. Pick up the phone, you won't regret it!! 01637 872976.

Hi from the Big Beautiful 'Bear'!! I've just popped on to remind people that I am here waiting for my new home. I've been here a while and the team don't know why that is? Maybe it is simply because I am a BIG LAD. I am a middle aged Alaskan Malamute crossed with a German Shepherd..... if it helps I want to be a lapdog so you could pretend I am something smaller?? 😉 My recent times, prior to St Francis, were not that great but I have been loved. I was a little scared when I first arrived but I know everyone now and I am everyone's friend. I am a firm favourite with the volunteers that regularly take me off site for a wander. I've lost a little weight - and I needed to - and my stamina has got better with walkies. I am a strong lad though and although I am getting better, I do need an owner who will walk me and can hold me. I could possibly live with a calm female dog, but I would be equally happy as an only dog too. No cats or small furries though. Someone out there must want a big hunk of love like me?? There is no history of what I am like with children but older children would probably just brighten my life even further. Someone to play with me, give me cuddles and make me smile. If you are strong enough to walk me, don't mind it when I moult, have a BIG space on your sofa (or even a big lap) then I can accommodate all the cuddles you have available. Don't expect to be able to watch much TV once I have landed on you though! There must be someone who wants to have a big Bear in their lives. If that is you then please give the team a call to arrange to meet me. 01637 872976.

Our Staffi's Need Some 'Sunshine Sunday Happy News' Please. Our girls need your help...... please share! Bella and Poppy are not related, they are not looking for a home together but, having featured here before, both girls having LOTS of comments, a combined total of over 370 shares just from our page (and we thank you for those) ...... well the girls are still waiting. :( Staffordshire Bull Terriers get a rough deal sometimes. They are not as cute and fluffy as some dogs. They rarely get the instant 'oohs' and 'aahs' that other dogs get. They have a reputation for simply being something they are not. They are 'people' dogs so they often get very upset in kennels. If they could talk, every Staffi in every rescue up and down the country would be shouting 'take me home'.... our girls are no different. If we had a list of foster homes then these girls would be there, we simply don't have them and even if we did, what these girls need is their 'Happy Ever After Homes'.... Please don't pass them by. Poppy (dark brindle and white - 3years old) would fit a family home with school age children if any (not toddlers) - 7yrs+. She could possibly live with another dog but this is not essential. No cats and someone who will understand that she has been passed about a bit, bred from probably more than once and needs a home that will just love her. She has a previous injury to her leg that was not treated, this would have been painful at the time but you wouldn't know it now. Everything about her is loveable. Bella (blue - 5 years old) would like an adult only home, as an only pet but is friendly to other dogs when out and about, she just doesn't do 'sharing' of her people. She also needs a securely fenced in garden. She really hates kennels but after the feedback on her previous post we were convinced she wouldn't be waiting long. We are so very sad for her that she is still waiting. Please share this post. Let's see if we can bring some sunshine into their lives and get them heading home. Please call the team on 01637 872976 if you would like to know more about them. SHARE SHARE SHARE pretty please. Let's show these girls what Sunshine Sunday Shares can do! :)

Some of the team are at the Newquay Carnival week launch today! Come and say Hi and support us and all the other fabulous stalls here! The sun is shining.... hopefully see you soon!