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JRD Fitness: Personal Training & Group Training In Middlesbrough

Unit J Warelands Way, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
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Helping the people of Teesside to become slimmer, stronger & happier We strive to be the most supportive gym available that allows people the opportunity to achieve amazing things in a friendly and motivating place where results and happiness come first.

We want to show people just how amazing they are by helping them do things that they never thought possible.

We do this by giving high quality coaching in a motivating, friendly through effective, fun training sessions and exceptional external support. We provide a friendly and motivating environment to build strength and fitness, and to every day move closer to achieving your goals.


Tonight at JRD we had 2 Group PT sessions running at once with 8 Warriors working hard to lose weight and tone It's so good to see everyone training hard 😀

Tonight during our group PT session the warriors were killing some pistol squats and working on their pull ups 💪🏼🏋🔥

Warrior of the week is Lois Scarth, one of our strongest! Over the past 6 months or so Lois has trained with the goal of getting stronger whilst mastering technique, and she's certainly done this being able to lift some impressive weights! Lois is a machine, would probably beat me in a fight, and an absolute superstar!

JRD Warrior clothing in the house! Watch out for our Warriors roaming the street!

We have an open day! Come and see what we get up to at JRD Talk to our members, chat to the coaches, check out the equipment, enter a competition for free PT and eat cake I'd love to see you there

Lois Scarth doing her thang 💃🏋 72.5kg deadlift, set of 8, easy peasy

Danger close! Was a right laugh watching these two trying to push together during Group PT Finally though.....they nailed it

Warrior of the Week - Sue Carey Sue is one of the longest serving JRD Warriors having been training for over 3 years In that time Sue's strength has improved massively, and I know you'll agree that she looks great Sue now maintains a slim and sleek physique, despite loving nothing more than a slice of cake! Well done Sue

We loved this morning! We had 2 Group PT sessions and Hannah doing her own Yoga at 9am, and then another Group PT session at 10 Amazing effort for a Saturday morning 💪🏼🏋🔥

Cheeky question for you If you could have anyone in the world, and I mean anyone, spot you whilst you were squatting, who would it be? And if that gets you excited, what would they be wearing? :-P

Our Warrior of the week this week is Lauren Sarah Lauren had been a JRD Warrior for over 2 years now and in that time has seen an amazing transformation, going from someone who didn't look forward to exercise to absolutely loving the gym! This new found vigour has meant that Lauren has managed to totally change her figure. She's shed weight and inches Lauren has seen amazing strength gains too. She can knock out more press ups than most lads and has made a habit of throwing around some heavy weights You are amazing Lauren


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