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Sweet Mandarin

19 Copperas Street, Manchester, United Kingdom
Chinese Restaurant



Sweet Mandarin is a great place to eat with friends and family. We serve good home cooked Chinese food and cocktails. We're your friendly local that has won a few awards, a Chinese cookery school and a corporate team building events organizer.



Delighted to be a judge on the prestigious GAMA Innovation Conference and Awards 2017. So grateful to be involved and representing Sweet Mandarin. Some incredible food journeys and so exciting to see what’s next to come. Love Lisa and Helen x

Great to meet Esther Rantzen and she’s so inspirational with her charity Childline.

Thank you to @Alisoncork and @women2win Make it Your Business for allowing me to share the story of @sweetmandarin today.

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Welcome to Manchester Joanne the Chief executive of Manchester City Council. Wonderful to hear your story and can't wait to cook for you soon love lisa and Helen

It’s very important to remember that the beginning of a day brings in a new start. Make the best of that, no matter what the day before looked like. ⠀ ⠀ ‘Give us today our daily sauce’. Sweet Mandarin Sauce is the cornerstone of a gluten free diet because it has the basic ingredients to keep us going. Reality is without gluten free ingredients we will starve or get sick.⠀ ⠀ The word ‘daily’ means we can’t live off yesterday’s bottle – we need a fresh batch of sauce every day. Don't risk an own label sauce stick to a trusted family brand where you will be blessed from heavenly taste. It was a lesson in being completely dependent on Sweet Mandarin day by day. ⠀ ⠀ Taste Good Sauce here⠀⠀ ⠀

Hello! and a warm, hot and sour soup fueled welcome into the September month. As the Autumn equinox arrives and now it's jingle all the way! Whether you are popping out for a date night, mate night or a spot of theatre or a gig there are so many sweet moments to cherish from celebrating birthdays to averting to total kitchen distasters with our delivery service partenered with Deliveroo. Like to book ahead? Why not book online for your work's Christmas do to try our rum baba chicken or test out some non traditional christmas fare. If you're a more organised kinda gal / guy be sure to swing by our online shop there may be just what your need! However your september rolls have a truly wonderful Autumn and see you all soon Yours Lisa, Helen and the team PS Still time to get 25% off our online shop where we have over 40 gluten free sauces and spice shots and other delicious food gifts just for you. Use the code: EVERYTHING (expires 30.09.2017)

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S !!! to Mia who has won a 3 course banquet with wine at Sweet Mandarin Please DM us to send you the prize for you to book in. We look forward to cooking for you ❤️ 👁👁🏆

It's amazing to see the #manchester business community and our customers come together to support Helen Tse's new book : Doing Business After Brexit. As a local business in Manchester we strive to adapt to the changing business climate and external influences. Great turnout for Helen's book launch today in Manchester.

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H-e-l-l-o S-T-U-D-E-N-T-S 6 Things Nobody Tells You About Freshers Week 1) You will get sick It is a truth universally acknowledged that Mum is always right. And under no circumstances will her wisdom ever serve you more (probably) than suggesting a pre-Freshers’ trip to the supermarket pharmacy aisle. Stock up on paracetamol, tissues, Lemsip and throat sweets to help fight off those nasty bugs you’ll pick up whilst mingling with your lovely new fellow students. 2) You’ll never talk to half the people you meet ever again A combination of pressure to make friends and fear of perpetual loneliness means you will meet a lot of people in Freshers’ Week. But let’s be honest – going through the same “Where are you from? Where are you living? What are you studying?” routine with 50 people every day is pretty exhausting. Although you will meet some nice people, it really doesn’t matter if you never end up texting that girl who eagerly gave her number to your whole row in the first lecture. 3) You don’t have to go crazy Don’t worry if dancing awkwardly to S Club 7’s Reach in a sweaty club is your idea of hell. Whether you’re already hungover or just hate clubs, don’t force yourself to go out every night for the sake of tagging along with your housemates. Explore the city, join societies or just take time out to decorate your room. Your student union will likely organise Give It A Go (GIAG) events specifically aimed at new students, offering everything from debating to breakdance to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. 4) You’re going to get lost. Lots. Asking for directions can seem daunting and you might feel like an idiot, but you’re actually 100 per cent more likely to strike up a conversation with a real person than Google Maps. That cute person you approach might even be a coursemate/future spouse/future psycho ex. If they’re not, you’ll get a confidence boost from talking to someone. Yay. 5) You’re going to blow all your money That £39.99 Roman soldier costume might look like a good idea, but add the cost of nights out, food shopping and your shiny gym membership and see your budget dwindle like the atmosphere at pre-drinks when your housemate vomits all over the newly-vacuumed carpet. Don’t forget to take advantage of companies falling over themselves to offer you great student discounts. 6) There will be one housemate everyone complains about You know the drill – the unmentionable body hairs in the shower, the slamming doors at 3am, the baked-bean encrusted saucepan festering in the sink since Friday… Show your NUS Card for the most amazing Feed 😄📝📒📱🍛


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