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Hadwell Hounds Dog Walking & Home Boarding

9 Savoy Court, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
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Hadwell Hounds Dog Walking Service offer dog walking, pet sitting and Home Boarding in Maidenhead and the surrounding Villages Contact Lloyd for more info Welcome to Hadwell Hounds Dog Walking Services

My name is Lloyd Hadwell and I offer dog walking service in Maidenhead and surrounding villages, along with pet-sitting and limited dog boarding.

I know your dog is part of your family and your most trustworthy friend. I treat every dog as if it was my own and understand the responsibility that comes with it understand and also appreciate how much happier a well-exercised dog can be.

Your dog is my priority and my focus. Group walks are balanced to ensure that everyone has a good time and I work to ensure each dog gets attention and affection that he or she deserves.

Why use a dog walker?

I know we all love to walk our dogs, but with modern hectic lifestyles it is becoming ever more difficult to give them the exercise they both need and deserve. That’s where Hadwell Hounds come in.

As you are no doubt aware dogs are pack animals, which means they need to exercise and mix with other dogs. If left alone for long periods of time a dog will become bored, and may also become anxious.
Boredom can lead to scratched and chewed furniture, shredded carpets, or worse.
Extended periods of anxiety can lead to your dog developing behavioural problems.
If you are working full-time or have a family to take care of, it's almost impossible to find enough time for your dog each day.

I will try to tailor my walks to your dog's individual personality. For some it's meeting new faces with waggy tails and others it's nose led country exploration. I also try and manage the walk timetable to ensure they get to walk with their new best friends. This means you come home to a very happy and content dog.
Hadwell Hounds service agreement tells you exactly what to expect - so you can relax knowing I really take good care of your dog.

I am fully insured, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that, in the unlikely event that anything should occur in my care, your pet is fully covered.

“How do you do?”

You wouldn't hand over anything precious to a complete stranger, so it is very important that you meet, chat and are happy with the person who walks your dog.

The consultation, which normally takes about 30 minutes, is where I introduce myself and we can chat about how I can meet the needs of you and your pet. I also get to meet your wet-nosed companion and we confirm that we are going to be good friends!

Then there is just the small matter of paperwork… The Service Agreement lays out both parties' responsibilities so that you know exactly what to expect. I also need to make a note of the key information about your animal(s) and your vet.

I will then normally leave the paperwork with you and take your dog on a trial walk with the pack and once everyone is happy then we can both sign the agreement and the vet release form.




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