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Boogie Bounce Livingston with Debbie

Mosswood Community Centre, Livingston, United Kingdom
Dance Studio



Your complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline choreographed
to funky, fun inspiring music to include aerobics, bums, tums and thighs! With Boogie Bounce, you can bounce your way to a healthier and slimmer you, with trampoline fitness classes choreographed to motivational music.

- Suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels
- Extremely effective for natural weight loss/inch loss
- 2-3 times more efficient than normal aerobics
- Fabulous for cellulite reduction
- Less stress impact on joints than other fitness routines
- Powerful muscle toning results
- Greatly improved balance/co-ordination
- Energy, circulation and immune system enhanced
- Superb for combating stress
- Boogie Bounce gives you a real sense of enjoyment and achievement


How did you start your Monday? These ladies (and iain) just smashed a bounce class. 👏🏼 Miss you already Lyn, do you like there wee wave? 😂Hope you and Ella have a great time in London!

SPACES AVAILABLE! MONDAY 26TH MARCH 9:30AM BOUNCERS. If you can no longer make it please let me know ASAP. Gail Kelly Linda McGowan Elaine Murray Debbie Huxford Lesley Taylor Sharon Hilditch Nicola Paterson Iain Wilson Megan McIntyre Aileen Henry BEST WAY TO START YOUR WEEK!


For any bouncers that would like to join us? Let us know when you’re booked and we’ll add you to the event for lots of extras 👌🏻😁 Limited spaces so be quick 😘

WHAT A TEAM! (of posers) 😂💁🏻 The only way to start your Saturday. Circuits and bounce smashed! 👏🏼😅 Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies. Thanks for a great week of classes 💗

SATURDAY 24TH MARCH 10:30AM BOUNCERS. If you can no longer make it please let me know ASAP. Jenni Carrie Lucy Nelson Hazel Shanks Kerry Stewart Jacqui Wright Pamela Stewart Joanne Dunlop Lyn Pryde Rona Bainbridge Sandra Tait Megan McIntyre Stacey Denholm Julie Anne Hill LETS DO IT LADIES!

HELL NO! We don't rest on a Saturday. Spaces for boogie bounce at 10:30am. Comment for one!

FRI-YAY! Just finished an awesome workout with a great group of ladies and can go enjoy the rest of our day😅👏🏼 Stay positive ladies ✌🏼️What consumes your mind controls your life 💗

*SPACES AVAILABLE* FRIDAY 23RD MARCH 9:30AM BOUNCERS. If you can no longer make it please let me know ASAP. Linda McGowan Linda Nelson Helen Tait Lyn Pryde Lesley Taylor Sharon Hilditch Nicola Paterson Jackie McNee Debbie Huxford Lesley Powley MargaretAnn kirk BEST WAY TO START YOUR WEEKEND!

Is it only me that feels like my wee heart could possibly explode out my chest at times with these bounces....honestly, come along, what a laugh 😳😂#bestcardioever Great effort tonight ladies you are so wonderful! 😘 Few spaces for tomorrow mornings class at 9:30am if you want to get your weekend off to the best start.

THURSDAY 22ND MARCH 5:30PM BOUNCERS. If you can no longer make it please let me know ASAP. Alison Campbell Gail Kelly Sophie Kelly Chelsea Lloyd +1 Sharon McGarry Julie Anne Hill Lauren Arndt Sandra Tait Kirsteen McLelland Lynne Woodward Gill Porteous Lyn Pryde Stacey Denholm Jackie McNee LETS BOUNCE LADIES!

And on Wednesdays we bounce, lift, squat, lunge and crawl like a 🐻 Amazing work ladies 💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻