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Kilwinnet Zwartbles

, Lanark, United Kingdom
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BALES OF SILAGE FOR SALE. First cut from the reseeded field! Finely chopped. Too many bales for our sheep! Plenty available and PM if interested £20 a bale.

Looking for pet lamb/s for a ewe, Lanark area.

More photos of our tup lambs available.

We have a selection of tup lambs available. All from our pedigree stock and MV accredited. Please PM for more details.


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Our lambs are enjoying the sunny day!

All our Zwartbles have lambed with good results. Will have nice pedigree tup lambs for sale later this year.

After a hectic few days, had time to take photos of new lambs! Nearly 300% lambing which is good. One ewe to go - due a single, according to scan. Only one with non-perfect markings. Ha ha lots of boys!


NEAR Kilwinnet Zwartbles

Bed :)

Lanark, United Kingdom
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