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Hayley Vowels Equine Body Work - In the Stars Eventing

4 Coolhurst Lane, Horsham, United Kingdom
Equestrian Center



Equine body work massage and faradic treatments.
Young eventer aspiring to achieve the best for my 5yo mare. Proving everyone can achieve the dreams.  Horses can suffer from musculoskeletal problems, in the same way we humans can. It can be from the smallest stiffness, to back pain and joint problems, sometimes resulting in a behavioural change due to long term pain. Horses tend to tolerate a lot from us riders and generally push through pain to carry on, but we only tend to notice these problems once the horse cannot tolerate the pain anymore and therefore starts to show discomfort or behavioural problems.
These problems can be addressed through physical therapies which offer a relief from these problems. Body work massage can help with on-going problems such as osteoarthritis, facet joint syndromes, kissing spines etc along with veterinary care.
I am also trained in using the faradic machine to help enhance and build muscle tone. I can also work with the mobile handheld equissage.


Now the show season has certainly kicked off, my clients are starting to get out and about. Super proud of Izzy and her young horse Bella on the journey they’ve been on to get to here. Looking fab!!!

Nadine and jack casually hedge hopping 💪🏼🌟

Super round from Rachel and Bob, clearly feeling his best after his massage on Monday 💪🏼 I feel your pain about the M23, I got stuck on it for 4 1/2 hours!!!

So proud of kate and these two horses, and had the pleasure of going back to my grooming days at osberton for kate 🥂

What an incredible week Rachel Dorrell has had on her lovely prince. Making sure he was feeling his best and ready for the week ahead we massaged him Monday morning!!! Poor Dave who wasn't able to go to the champs also had a lovely massage to make him feel better 🏆👊🏼🏵

Super proud of this combination and yet another fab result. What a season they are having 😍 beautifully produced by Kate Greenhalgh 👊🏼

What an incredible result for Kate Greenhalgh, produced Sara from scratch and couldn't be prouder of them 👊🏼🏆 we need pictures Kate!!!

Fabulous result for Helen and Harley at Borde Hill, lovely to see you both in action 😘👊🏼🏆

Another amazing weekend for Rachel, all fingers crossed for the ROR champs now! Look forward to seeing you and two of the boys Monday, before you go 👊🏼🏆

Lovely afternoon spent with Rachel and her ever growing number of horses ☺️😘

Charlotte and Kieran Crumleys recent very successful outings. Looking amazing, some very exciting horses for the future 😍