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12 Milton Road, Horsham, United Kingdom
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Art lessons from age 7 - adult


Last ones!

More wonderful work !

Latest gallery of work x

So I’ve had a birthday and some of my very fabulous students baked me a cake! (I’m just showing it off!!) I’m feeling rather special ! Thank you kids, you’re all very lovely x x x

I have some truly talented students!!!

So..... there can be only one winner.... except my judges started arguing over these two! I’m going to have to get another prize!!! Congratulations Isi and Lottie you’ve won! Good job we waited for you both to finish!

Given to me from the very lovely Kayla!! She’s not only called me an art goddess but made me slim!! Thanks Kayla .... you’re a star x

Christmas competition !!!! Last two have finally finished! I’m so glad we waited for them because they’re fabulous! Now to find the winner!

Christmas competition entries!!!!! Just waiting on a couple more to be finished before we will judge the winner!!! Happy Christmas everyone!!! X

And More.......

New batch of fabulous art work x