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Unit 34 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
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The Old School of Boxing is a boxing gym based in Hemel Hempstead and Bourne, Lincs. The club runs regular circuits as well as 1:1 and small group sessions


Little up date on the old school of boxing. It's been a few weeks since my last post but only good news to give out, the beasting sessions on the Saturdays is going from strength to strength with numbers growing each week and I'm also seeing non boxers turning up ( they must have heard about boxers and their amazing fitness levels) . Please keep coming and I guarantee to push you to your limits and beyond. The children's class is as always a pleasure and we have recently had a large number of the girls and boys attend a evening class so they could receive their medical which will enable them to compete . Well done to you all it's a great journey. The sparring and pad work sessions are also filling up. We had a few adults go for their medical too so their training has stepped up a gear so it's looking good for the coming year. Can't finish without mentioning Joshua Hammond a young man I've been teaching down south for the last 6 weeks. He boxed on Saturday for the first time against a more experienced boxer and came away with a unanimous points win well done Josh. Paul south ( head coach old school of boxing)


Back to three hours of boxing this week. The beasting session had the best turn out yet. Everybody pushed past their limits but always smiling. Makes it all worthwhile especially when they say "see you next week " 👍🏻second hour was my young boxers and as always an hour of concentration, determination and true grit ,shows that even the youngest have taken to the old school way of learning. Amazing. I would also like to mention two of my rising stars Mayce, and Daisy both eleven and two of the nicest young girls you could meet. But take them in the ring on the pads and you see a different side punching speed and power, the combinations thrown with feeling. Scary . And then the last hour some excellent sparring and pad work. Thank you to everybody who turned up you prove every week that you've got that little extra about you and you should be very proud of that I am . Thanks to Rob and the two Scotts for your help every week. Paul south ( head coach old school of boxing) 🥊🥊🥊

The old school of boxing beasting circuits are getting more and more interest as the weeks go by . Here's a couple of descriptions from a couple of the lads Tristan Cooke ( two days after )"I've never been run over before, but I think it must feel the same as my body feels today"Mick Howard ( during) " I feel like I'm going to die " If you would like to feel like Tristan or see the light at the end of the tunnel like Mick please don't hesitate to contact me via the old school of boxing and you could meet the two men in question because they keep coming back for more. Paul south ( head coach of the old school of boxing)

Two hours forty minutes left of my coaching day at the old school of boxing gym in Hemel Hempstead. Everybody who had a one to one has improved so much in such a short time it's exactly what I need to see. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I am an exceptional coach 😉🥊🥊

Only two hours of boxing today first hour was the beasting session.Numbers were down again due to work commitments but those who did brave the circuit well done. We had a local gent working on his fitness for some big rugby union games. He came for a work out and wasn't disappointed. The second hour was my young boxers. Numbers were high again even though two of my star pupils had other engagements. We moved on with the technique of footwork and combination punching adding to what they had already mastered from the previous weeks. I will never stop being amazed at how quickly they pick up even the smallest detail. Thank you all and I will see you next week Paul south ( head coach old school of boxing)🥊🥊

Update from the old school of boxing. Wednesday sessions fully booked 9 hours of one to one lessons.The 40 minute beasting session at 21:00hrs was attended by one ex- boxer who had my full attention. Mr mcginley did very well considering how long he'd been out of a boxing gym. I think he would like a bit of company next week so please don't hesitate to contact me. I was also contacted by one of my old Markyate ABC boxers who has asked for a roughdown reunion so as soon as the light evenings arrive bricks in the bergan and away we go. Paul south head coach the old school of boxing 🥊

I still have 3 places for the circuit at the old school of boxing above the manor gym . The circuit starts at 21:00hrs and runs for 40mins cost is £5 per person. Places must be pre booked due to limited space. Any body interested please contact me via Facebook. Paul south head coach old school of boxing

Another top session of boxing at the universal fitness centre with the old school of boxing. The first session an adult fitness class was well attended this week after a poor show last week. And I didn't disappoint as usual the exercises gained over my many years in the game pushed them way past their comfort zone. Well done to you all well impressed. The second hour my 6 years and above class was packed, all different ages and abilities but with one thing in common they are there to learn and learn they are . I'm adding to both technical and physical circuits each week and they just take it in there stride. Give it a few years and we'll be able to fill the GB team well done to of my boxers I'll fill you in on the second lesson that's planned next Saturday.thank you to you all . The third hour was filled with pad work and some very good sparring from the adults. Another great session see you all next week Paul south head coach old school of boxing 🥊

Another perfect Saturday 3 hours of boxing. Numbers for the adult classes were low due to other commitments but if I had one or thirty one I still love teaching the game. My young boxers class was full as usual and as usual they gave everything. We added a few circuits to their class and they just took it in their stride. Each week we add technical ability and have started some light sparring sessions. We are looking into adding more sessions for our junior squad (not just for them the coaching team enjoy it so much). Finally the last hour of pad/spar . A bit of blood and a few sore ribs and noses ( adults only) lovely way to finish. Thank you to all who trained Paul south head coach old school of boxing 🥊

Another fantastic session of boxing 3 hours of complete dedication to the sport with an age range today of 6 years to 33 . Would not be able to fault any one of them . Thank you to all of you. Paul south head coach the old school of boxing 🥊

This young lady still has some way to go with her technique but she has the most important thing and loads of it HEART. And because of that I'm backing her 100% .onwards and upwards Mayc


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