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Short Bark Bubble & Sides UK

The Laurels, Woodhall Lane, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
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City & Guild Level 2 & 3 qualified  fully insured . Overnight accomodation available for as little as 1 night or as much as you need . In my home no crates


Beautiful Harley 💕🌸

Good Morning

Owner: "give them a trim if you think they need it" 😱 Fortunately this was none of my lovely woofers, but nails effect the dogs walking ability, they can grow into the pads and become very painful. I offer a walk in service of nail clipping only so don't leave them. Call 07771 580597 it's a quick job and cheaper than a vet bill for infected pads or bone damage from the poor woofer over compensating by walking inwards . Keep your friend safe and warm , happy Friday ❄️️

The grit Used to counteract the snow can be toxic to dogs . Be careful of their pads when out walking them , I have seen some very inflamed woofer tootsies 🐾 x

This is tiny Yorkie Bella 💕she's been under the weather so came for a pamper

Rosie wriggle bum , hates feet, legs, face and bottom being touched . We love a challenge at Short Bark Bubble & Sides 🐾💕✂️ oh and did I mention nails too lol 😉

No snow here ! So if your woofer needs a pamper give me a call on 07771 580597 . Your furry pal still needs to be groomed in the winter 🐾✂️ Happy Tuesday everyone Appointments that fit around you

A new customer . Welcome Bertie x🐾💕

Beautiful Baxter 😍

Good Morning 🐾 if your woofer is in need of a pamper look no further than here . Appointments to suit you . Call on 07771580597 Thank you and don't forget to follow me on my fb page to see all my posts and great offers .

My mate Pudsey came for a play date , he was loving the squirrels . 🐾💕