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Bella Tanning Gravesend

3 manor road, Gravesend, United Kingdom
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•the most affordable tanning shop
•based in the Gravesend Town Centre
•luxura lay-down & stand-up sunbeds
•hottest and newest sunbeds in town
•open 7 days  


We provide FREE parking sand wifi- what else do you need from your local sunbed shop?! All of a sudden the wait isn’t that bad is it🤷🏻‍♀️🤘🏼☀️ pop in to give us a try honeys!!! #bellatanning #gravesendtanning #glowgravesend #gravesend #kent

I mean, look at that leg tan 😱 don’t forget to tag us in your tanning selfies and please please please keep referring us to your mates so no one is missing out on Gravesends Glowest Tans👅🔥💝 #bellatanning #glowgravesend #gravesendtanning

It works ! People go crazy for this product so don’t wait any longer, get yours now for £12! 💎💎💎 #bellatanning #glowgravesend #ap24

Please don’t let anyone sleep rough in this weather 😩 call this number and someone will come and provide a shelter - 0300 500 0914 ❄️

How cute do we look in the snow😁🔥 so many of you can’t get down but have been taking advantage of the 100 minute for £30 deal bank transfers! Please remember it’s the LAST day TODAY to secure this so please message me if you need our details to do a bank transfer! ❄️🌨💭🔥💃🏻 #bellatanning #gravesendtanning #glowgravesend

Clearly a good old cream and 15 minutes on our laydown does the trick🔥☀️ start your tans now for the weekend guys and we’re open tilll 8.30 tonight 😘 #bellatanning #gravesendtanning #glowgravesend

🚨🚨🚨 PLEASE READ🚨🚨🚨 Monthly UNLIMITED MINUTES Package NOW Available! Please see below for details. LIKE & SHARE this POST by the 28/2/2018 and GET 10% off your next COURSE, MINUTES OR LOTION! Please COMMENT or TAG someone to say if you are interested in the unlimited package. As we are approaching the Summer Holiday season, we have decided to introduce a NEW special offer to all of our CURRENT and NEW customers - so why not keep that summer GLOW! ————————————————————— For ONLY £52 a month we will now be offering an UNLIMITED MINUTES PACKAGE. With this deal you are not tied into any contract and all you have to do is pay £52 up front and the unlimited minutes will last exactly one calendar month from the date the course was purchased - when the month is up, the unlimited minutes will stop and the choice is then completely up to you whether you would like to renew the package or not. We will be doing a 2 week trial of this package at £45 to see who is interested! So please make sure that you LIKE and SHARE this post to get the discounted price 😀 ***Only one person can use each unlimited monthly package, they cannot be shared and you can claim up to a maximum of 15 minutes per day*** For safe tanning we do advise that all of our customers allow a minimum of 24 hours rest between each sunbed session to allow the skin time to repair, re-hydrate and rejuvenate - this is the recommended amount advised by The Sunbed Association. ————————————————————— For further information on the above offer please do not hesitate to drop us a message, call us or pop into Bella Tanning. • Sunbed courses : 30 minutes £12 45 minutes £18 60 minutes £24 100 minutes £40 120 minutes £48 • Sunbed minutes : 4 minutes £2 6 minutes £3 8 minutes £4 10 minutes £5 12 minutes £6 • Opening times: Monday 10-6 Tuesday 10-8 Wednesday 10-6 Thursday 10-8 Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-6 Sunday 11-4 • Loyalty rewards : Refer a friend and get 4 FREE minutes. • Car parking : FREE Car Park • You must be 18+ to use the Sunbed facilities. • We are 0.3 approved tanning lamps • We do NOT put an expiry date on our 30,60,90 or 120 minute courses. If you have purchased any of these courses and have NOT used all of your minutes your remaining minutes will always remain on your client card forever. Big love, Bella Tanning X

So many of yous are using our free parking already but if you still don’t know then please tell all your pals that you’re able to park in the Thamesgate carkpark (approximately 1 minute walk to the shop) for FREE if you’re grabbing your beds at Bella😘 it’s a great way to do your shopping and chill in town without worrying about parking tickets! #bellatanning #gravesendtanning #glowgravesend #gravesendparking

TAN GOALS OR WHAT 😱 this lovely customer of mine had over a week off the beds, now look at her result after a well deserved 15 minute lay-down using the ProTan Black Extreme Bronzer! My beds don’t fail to disappoint and literally shock me everytime with the results you’re all getting!🔥☀️ #bellatanning #gravesendtanning #glowgravesend

• late night Thursdays tonight - we are open till 8.30pm • free parking at the multi-storey carpark above Wilkos - opposite the front of the Gravesend train station. Easy access on your way home when you get off the train from work! • hot lamps that tan you within your first session - people are comparing our lamps to the sun angel (experienced tanners) • wide selection of creams stocked - accelerators for begginers, dark accelerators, clear bronzers, standard bronzers, tingles and all come in sachets for you to try before going for the bottle! • affordable prices - tanning should be nice and easy and not expensive! • kids and dogs allowed in the shop - KwikTan in town don’t let children under 18 into the casino so feel free to pop over to us instead with the little ones. They won’t be bored with our huge toy box here! We have all of the above and more covered to make sure tour tanning experience is quick and hassle free! Pop in and give us a try if you haven’t had the chance yet☀️🔥

Tanning Tip Wednesdays: Apply a sunbed cream or tanning accelerator prior tanning. Sunbeds creams not only keep your skin moisturised while tanning but also activate and intensify the production of melanin for better tanning results. There is a great number of sunbed creams, varying from moisturisers and coolers to bronzers and creams with tingle factors. All these products are specifically formulated in a way that enables you to tan faster and get a darker colour. Make sure that you use products that are suitable to your skin type and avoid some of these products if you are a beginner tanner. What is more, use products that are designed for sunbed use only. We stock a wide selection so pop in😊

Since Sukh and I took over the shop, renovated, lowered prices, offered free parking AND Tanfastic was kind enough to advise all their customers to give us a try... we’ve run out of new customer cards and boxes to keep them in! You lot can’t get enough of our customer service, new interior, comfy sofas and the brand new kids toy boxes!😍 So many messages today from everyone asking if they can sign up with us as rumour has it that we’re the closest and best in Gravesend so I’m sooooo looking forward having you all here. Here’s to another fab week (just hoping the weather gets better😩) 🔥☀️ #bellatanning #gravesendtanning