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Devon Vag-Com VCDS services

Dukes Crescent, Exmouth, United Kingdom
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Based in Exmouth Devon I am offering my services with VCDS (fully registered HEX-CAN) to diagnose car faults, alter coding and run on the move diagnostics. I am offering my services to diagnose faults for all cars within the VW Group with OBD2 diagnostic systems.  This includes all Audis, Volkswagens, Skodas and Seats from circa 1997 through right up to date.  As well as emailing you full fault code reports, I can run onboard fault diagnosis such as turbo boost issues, or regenerating diesel particulate filters which have passed the point of auto regen.  If you find any coding changes online such as on owner forums I'd be happy to do these for you.  Price starts at £5 for full fault code scans and negotiable for other things depending on time.  Don't hesitate to try me.  Thanks, Jason


Devon Vag-Com VCDS services's cover photo

Devon Vag-Com VCDS services's cover photo