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The Eastbourne International Hot Air Balloon Festival

, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
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Welcome to the official page for this inaugural event to be held in Hampden Park on 29th and 30th July, 2017.  We are trying very hard to bring this about and overcoming all the concerns re a new event, your safety, etc., and hope you enjoy our first attempt at an International Hot Air Balloon Festival, the first of its kind to take place in Eastbourne, in Hampden Park, and it is planned to run during the weekend of 29th – 30th July 2017.

We have invited many balloonists to join us, but we are competing with a major European bi-annual event, and they are trying for an International World Record so although we still have hopes of over a dozen balloons, we may have to trim our expectations from our early hopes, BUT, hey, we haven’t had any balloons before so any is good.
Everyone knows that balloons only fly in good weather, when the wind is calm and it isn’t raining, so all this being equal, they will fly at approx. dawn and dusk, about 6:00am – 6.30 am and 6:00am – 6.30 pm on the Saturday and 6:00am – 6.30 am on the Sunday again.  Exact timings are dependent upon the flight controller and the direction of the wind, the speed of the wind not just down on ground level but many feet up in the air.

In between flights, we will have some balloons inflated and tethered, and if the balloons can’t fly, we have the amazing Brighton Kite Flyers, who will demonstrate their fantastic kites at various times throughout the event.

There is a Show Case of local talent on the stage each day from 11am - 6pm, and you’ll have to hang around or you will miss the Flash Mob due to appear each day but no ……….. we aren’t going to let on what time!

At roughly 9:00pm – 9.30pm there will be the NightGlow on the Saturday night, where a number of balloons will be inflated, tethered and will fire their main burners to the beat of music, directed by our Creative Director.

The hope is to bring in a fleet of helicopters on the Saturday morning, but it appears an accident at Seaford is causing some problems - but we are still working on the invitations and overcoming the red tape.
We have had lots of ideas of things to include in the Festival, some have worked and some haven’t. But, lots of people want to be there to entertain you on both days, including:

Food of all sorts   -  Farmer’s market with local produce   -   The Bexhill 100 Classic Car Club will be in attendance   -    Miniature Steam Train Ride On Railway will be there for the children   -   a soft play area for the little ones   -    Sweet Circus for the older ones to practice their acts before they run away to the circus   -   Bouncy Castles   -    lots of different food including classic cream teas on the lawn by the lake -  and some charity stalls   -   plus a raffle with a chance to win a voucher for a ride in a hot air balloon!

Don’t forget the Dog Show on the Sunday.  All entries on the day, no prior sign-up required.  Plus all of the above, as well as the Kite Flyers and Flash Mob.


Just checked out the price for bouncy castles at Airbourne

The winner of a balloon ride value approaching £200 was a resident of Hampden Park. CONGRATULATIONS

Brighton following the Festival

Sorry I missed an underscore. Please try again. My apologies!

We are a team of students from the University of Brighton and asking very nicely if you would spare 4-5 minutes of your time to complete a short survey about the event and the impact it had on the local community? Follow this link to the survey: 3t118uy4oyE9vcV Upon completion of the survey you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon Voucher. The survey will be open until 6pm Friday 18th August and your support with this would be much appreciated. Many thanks The Student Team University of Brighton (On behalf of EHABF Organisers)

The High Sheriff of East Sussex, Mrs Maureen Chowen officially opening the Eastbourne International Hot Air Balloon Festival and seen here visiting some of the attractions

As we couldn't actually get the balloons up to fly because of the wind, we dis displays of how they fire, what the equipment is and have a go in a basket.

Did someone say Hot Air Balloons???

Did you miss the Morris Dancers?

If you missed the dog show, perhaps you would like to see these?

If you missed the fireworks, have a look at this

We did get one balloon up, tethered, but unfortunately not able to sustain due to high wind gusts


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