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My business aim here is to bring you all your home comforts and luscious treats for yourself at a more reasonable price than competitor home marketing co's


I've not been around much in here because this side of my business ideas didn't take off well with the selling site Shopify I was using. I am however not giving up and really want this to work out. I am going to use the same web design company I used for making my frames site and get this baby off the ground. Rather than just jump in and sell everything I will start selling bedding and handbags until business picks up xx

How cute is this one? Comes in Single, Double and Kingsize.

Not been on here a lot lately, I've closed my website as I was paying for something that no one was buying from. I will continue to source bedding and lots of homewards for you and sell through this page. When or if things pick up I will get a proper website set up. In order for me to succeed I need lots of help in any way shape or form. By means of likes and comments in any of my posts. I haven't been checking out supplier sites but I will get back to it this evening as there will be lots of new summer stock in now which I love lol xx

I've had some really good feedback about the bedding that was ordered on my last order so thanks to everyone who placed an order. If anyone wants to order anything this week give me a wee shout. I am getting some new stock on my web site this week so keep it eyes 👀 peeled. My web page is

im so excited to show you all these, they come in single, double and getting a purple one Double is £18 and king size is £21. 50% polyester and 50% cotton

First delivery arrived today, all excited when I get a nice big box of goodies delivered. I will pop all my deliveries in the post first thing tomorrow 🌼🌺🌸

I am adding this one to my site as we speak but is only available in double. It is 55% Polyester and 45% Cotton It is priced at £23

Ive come across this while looking for new products, i loooove this so much i had to share it. It comes in all four sizes but is a bit more pricey to buy in than all my others.

This bag with faux-fur charm is my new fave. It comes in 4 colours and is priced at £22.99 Ideal for taking on plane for holybobs :) Width: 33cm / 13.2" Height: 27cm / 10.8". Zippered and open inside pockets for accessories.

I have some new bags that have come in and i am adding to my site just now. This metal framed bag is so pretty, it has gem embellished a kiss lock with a snap close device Width: 34cm / 13.6" Height: 24cm / 9.6". This comes in 6 different colours and priced at £22.99

My sleep time duvet sets are available in blue or black and come in single, double, king and superking They are 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton Single - £16 Double - £18 Kingsize - £20 Superking - £22

Nice new york bedding i have found using a new supplier - this comes in single, double and kingsize. Single - £20 Double - £22 Kingsize - £24


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