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Parkwood Stud, Aston Park, Chinnor, United Kingdom
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Providing GMP Quality Flavour Standards, Craft Beer Sensory Kits, Taster Training and Taster Validation the world over! For anyone who is serious about producing beverages, be it in their garage or on an industrial scale, we can help empower you with the skill and confidence to identify and remedy flavours and taints in your drinks. We're putting good sensory practice into YOUR hands! Join us on our quest for great tasting beer and beverages the world over!



Happy International Beer Day! How are you celebrating? We can recommend some tasting off-notes... #InternationalBeerDay #beerquality

Dr Heidi Grimmer talks beer freshness optimisation -

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Dr Boris Gadzov giving his lecture at EBC Congress - "Off-flavours due to microbiological problems in speciality beers in Europe"

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Craft Brewers Powwow

Great to see so many keen tasters learning about off flavours with us today at Craft Brewers Powwow

Craft Brewers Powwow

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Filming today at our UK GMP Flavour Centre, here's a behind the scenes shot..

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Fifth Sense

Phase 2 of a pioneering pilot study into taste and smell loss now underway with our Charity Partners Fifth Sense

International PhD in Food Science

Great having you here, International PhD in Food Science. Always good to see posts from our visitors, particularly today on the day of our Beverage Sensory Symposium.

International PhD in Food Science

Our Beverage Sensory Symposium is off to a flying start today, and what better way to start a Friday morning than with a spot of wine tasting with Marcia Waters MW. A long list of esteemed speakers still to share their knowledge and insights with us all today, notebooks at the ready, prepare to be inspired!

As BrauBeviale 2016 draws to a close we're excited to be hosting a Beverage Sensory Symposium tomorrow at our UK HQ #NonStopSensory


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