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The biggest problem my clients face searching for a self-employed mortgage, is how banks/lenders view income. WE CAN HELP!  Active Brokers Limited; Building Dreams, Brokering Happiness.

Our vision is for self-employed people to achieve their dreams

Our mission is to motivate self-employed people to set goals, do more and make more

Our next milestone is to help 500 self-employed people achieve mortgage success

Our values; get active, be positive, make it happen

When you're self-employed you are bound to go through all the struggles we see self-employed people face every single day when they want a mortgage.

Buying your dream home is your ultimate aim and you need to find a lender who will consider your circumstances and make it affordable for you. That’s not easy.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’re all about making things quick, simple and efficient for you. We’re dedicated to getting self-employed people into the dream homes they deserve.

If you’re a business owner like the majority of our clients, or a sole trader, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the time or expertise to find a perfect mortgage for yourself. If you have tried to approach a lender by yourself, then you’ll have realised just how difficult it is to find acceptance when you’re self-employed.

We are the self-employed mortgage experts, here to help you.

We have spoken to 1000s of self-employed people like you, many of which have already achieved self-employed mortgage success this year with our help.

Helping self-employed people, sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs beat the lenders is our goal. Every mortgage application is a chance to fight with the lender – and you can win.

The Active Brokers team is ready to answer all your questions, everyone is either self-employed like us, or trained personally by me to understand exactly how to help you.


The Active Brokers Review Slideshow! We can give you all the information you want to do with mortgages but if you don't trust the service you will be hesitant to proceed. That is why we put together this short slideshow showing some of our reviews so you can hear how great our service is, from our clients! Enjoy.

The Active Brokers Methodology! This is the number 1 method to use for achieve employed and self-employed mortgage success! Enjoy.

Stamp Duty Land Tax. This is a subject we get asked a lot about and some people struggle to get their head around it as it is a difficult subject. That is why we put together this video to help you out and get yourself mortgage prepared. Enjoy!

If You Die Today Would Your Family Survive? In this video, I give you some scary statistics from the life insurance world. You need to ask yourself this scary question and make sure your family is set up and prepared if the worst were to happen! Enjoy.

Getting A Self-Employed Mortgage! If you are looking to get a self-employed mortgage than you might want to give this video a watch first. This Video will run you through what you are going to need and prepare for when looking to get a mortgage which could help you achieve your dream home! Enjoy!

What Information Should I be Providing my Mortgage Lender or Broker? Watch this video to get a head start when it comes to your self-employed mortgage. This video will tell you the documents your lender or broker will need to see! Enjoy!

Active Brokers - Go Karting with Clients! We had such a great year in 2017 and so we wanted to celebrate it with our clients who made the year so successful for us. This is why we arranged a Go-Karting night to give back to our clients and to have some fun. Enjoy!

Renting Vs Owning a Home! This is a tough question and comes down to personal preference. However, in this video, we put together the positives and negatives of both to let you make the decision for yourself. Enjoy!

Stamp Duty Land Tax Explained! This video could help you understand Stamp Duty Land Tax and put you in the right frame of mind to start you thinking about getting your dream home. Enjoy!

Brokers Before Houses! Watch this video to find a mortgage strategy which is efficient. This could help you on your mortgage journey and allow you to buy your dream home! Enjoy!

What is an Offset Mortgage? In this video, Gary explains what an Offest mortgage is and some tips on how to obtain one. This could be the video that starts you on your Mortgage journey. Enjoy!

Can I Get A Mortgage With One Years Accounts? People seemed to think that it isn't possible to get a self-employed mortgage with just one year's account. Watch this video and you may just find yourself in the runnings for your dream home! Enjoy!


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