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Pure Gym, Chatham, United Kingdom
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If you are interested in anything that relates with body transformation .Then you are in the right place !


Speed X Agility @puregymchatham

No matter if you train for looks or performance you should implement this exercises in your routine . You can either change the time under tension , numbers of reps or weight , depending on your goals . Pure Gym PTs, Chatham —— This is what I presented in the video ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1 . Resistance band RDLS - 40% 1RM 4x(12-15) repetitions 2 . Resistance band KB swings - 24kg 4x15 superset with hamstring curls .

Working with Paul here , he’s smashing it every time . 🏋️‍♀️ I’ll post more videos soon .

You’re what you eat all day long ! —— I can’t stress how important food is , from the way we feel to the way we look . So you better stop saving money on food and eat properly , be more sensitive about your longevity . Now we all mess up sometimes , just don’t make it a habit . #healthyfood #trainingclean #nobs #livelong #thinkhealthy #keepgrowing #foodismedicine 🍎🍐🥥🥦🥒🍠🥔🥕🌽🌶🥗🥙🌯🍤

On the walls of the hub in Bromley . @thepowerwave @powerwavebromley @coachlaville #powerwave

“What a disgrace for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strenght of which his body is capable “ #workinghardat21#thebodycoach#wontstopcantstop#bigthingsahead

From 99kg and 31% bodyfat to 94kg and 25% bodyfat in 3 months while building muscle mass and improving the body posture , at the age of 51 . A good example that age is just a number . Conceive and achieve ! .

Maximising the training through a holistic approach . Never a dull moment in my sessions .✌️ @puregymchatham

6kg of lean mass in 5 weeks . Just an example that sticking to the plan will bring you guarantee results .

Training with Paul today . Great HIIT session !Pure Gym PTs, Chatham

Training with Paul today . Great HIIT session ! Pure Gym PTs, Chatham

First exercise : Shoulder front raise using the cables and an elastic band . Why the elastic band ? Well , the elastic band restricts any momentum in the movement and it allows you to do extra couple of reps before your normal failure . Second exercise : Bulgarian split squat . As you notice the foot is not plantar flexing ( toe is not on the floor) but on the bar , so you don’t have any pressure on it . If you have any foot or ankle injury and you can’t lunge , try this one .