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Canis Daycare

Heol Y Parc, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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A unique doggy daycare service giving your dog the best possible day out #dogsloveit  A unique doggy daycare service giving your dog the best possible day out #dogsloveit



Sounds about right. #DogsLoveIt

Walking in the sun on an adventure 🌞🐶 #DogsLoveIt

There was a lot of love for the sun today 🐶🌞🐶 #DogsLoveIt Buddy, Bailey & Merv Love It!

Marlow here must have been the only dog to find mud today! #DogsLoveIt , Marlow Loves It!

German Shepherd's Love It... #DogsLoveIt

Gentle Giant #DogsLoveIt

Experiences during the first year of a dog’s life make all the difference to future temperament and character. Here at Canis DayCare, puppies get to socialise with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment, whilst they enjoy positive experiences around other dogs. This is a great way to help them grow to be confident and happy in the company of other dogs, just like little Trumpet is doing 🐶 #DogsLoveIt

The joy of being able to spend Saturday together at DayCare 🐶 Hugo and Teddy 💚 #DogsLoveIt

Newbie Dachshund Ralfie joined us yesterday, a little nervous of people so he took a little time to warm to the handlers but he soon did 🤗🐕 As far as the other dogs were concerned, he loved them! 😍 Great day for little Ralfie #DogsLoveIt

Good morning 🌅 little Trumpet! You may have seen Trumpet earlier in the week on his first day with us, he's a 13 week old Frenchie who is very much still getting used to the world around him. Check out this short clip of him leaving his lovely home this morning heading to DayCare. We're not 'just' a doggy day care service, our background is in Dog Behaviour & Training. We built a doggy daycare service around our exceptional knowledge of dogs and their behaviours. This knowledge is one of the attributes that makes us extra special 😉 #DogsLoveIt

Bentley the Beagle and Layla the Rhodesian Ridgeback hitting it off on Half DayCare 🐕💚🐕 #DogsLoveIt

The beautiful Willow, her first day on daycare today and she's had such a fun day and made two new friends with two black labs! We had two apprehensive owners this morning when she was picked up but they needn't had worried as she had a great time 🤗🤩🐶🐕 #DogsLoveIt


Working from home sucks! #soznotsoz #lovemyjob

Working from home sucks! #soznotsoz #lovemyjob

Stunning January morning #wintersun #january #countrylife #wales #nofilter

Stunning January morning #wintersun #january #countrylife #wales #nofilter