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Juicy Pet products is a small family run business established in 2012. We specialize in bespoke UK manufactured Dog show trolleys, Puppy pens & Dog crates Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at our facebook page for the Titan dog show trolley. The next page explains the things we feel are important about how a trolley should work for you in the show season.

The main aspect we have always felt is value. Normally dog show trolleys fall into two categories, you have good quality at very high prices or you have appalling quality at very low prices. We believe that the Titan range of dog show trolleys have the best of both, Excellent quality and excellent prices.

Wheels, it’s one of the first things we come to, as simply, it’s one of the most important. We opt for two types of wheels for our show trolleys, our standard 6.5” wheel and our extra-large 8” wheel. All of our wheels are manufactured in Germany and are puncture proof all terrain rubber wheels. These wheels will handle any show-ground and any type of standing. Even in the most sodden of conditions when other trolleys with smaller chassis attached wheels are stuck, you keep on moving. If you are showing heavier breeds and intend on carrying lots of gear to the show ring we would always recommend our 8” wheels as a larger wheel diameter will make the show trolley easier to manage.

All of our Titan dog show trolleys feature two distinct parts; the wheels base and the main crate section, where dog/s are housed. The main reason for this is that due to the large wheel sizes on our show trolley and the weight of these it would be impossible to have these attached to the main trolley chassis. This would make the weight, size and the overall durability of the show trolley highly questionable. The beauty of having a trolley that comes away from its wheels means, travel can be done in almost any car with even our largest trolley. You can use the crate section as a home cage or pen if need be.

Show ring grooming is very important to most of our customers. That is why we make all our Dog Show Trolley Roofs both sturdy enough and the right height ergonomically so you can easily groom off them. Another feature we added to later trolleys was the ability to securely attach any standard dog grooming arm to the show trolley. I know this doesn’t sound a problem but every single trolley we have ever seen all have spacing between the vertical round bars, which will not allow the clamp to attach to the trolley. What we did was fit a grooming arm port to every single show trolley, meaning that if need be you can easily attach an arm without any expensive modifications.

Security is beginning to become more of an issue at Dog Shows, very sad but true. Our Titan Dog Show trolleys can be completely locked down at very little extra cost, should the need arise. The roofs can be locked down by simply using a padlock. All doors on the show trolleys again can be locked for your peace of mind. We use lockable catches on the main doors so a few small padlocks can again make your show trolley 100% safe.

Additionally we fit bowl holders and fan holders to all our show trolleys, we are only too happy to move these about for you making them breed perfect. Should you require a trolley cover for your purchase just let us know by email and we will put you in touch with bespoke makers that will be able to help you.

Overall we feel you will not be able to find a finer Dog Show Trolley produced anywhere else in the world, we take pride and care about our audience and can assure all that our dog show trolleys will go above your expectations. Making the show life easier for many years to come.