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Moray Hearing Care

17 Cluny Square, Buckie, United Kingdom
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Moray Hearing Care Moray Hearing Care Ltd provide a local independent audiology service that utilises the latest technology available Jo has worked in Audiology since 1978. She is registered with the Health Professions Council as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and holds dual registration with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists as both an Audiologist and a Hearing Therapist. Having worked in the NHS, private and voluntary sectors she is able to offer a wealth of advice on hearing protection, hearing loss and tinnitus. Using the latest technology she offers independent advice on the most appropriate means of coping with hearing loss and tinnitus as well as appropriate options for noise protection for work and leisure. Given her years of experience in the private sector Jo felt it was vital that anyone coming to her for advice must able to receive completely independent advice so Moray Hearing Care is not part owned by any hearing aid manufacturer. This ensures that the most appropriate system is always available.Let us help you look after your earsWhen was the last time you had your ears checked? With all the noise pollution and the amount of time we spend listening to music via earphones and headphones, it is important that we take care of our ears in order to prevent permanent damage. Now, you can do this with our affordable, easily accessible hearing and audiology services here at Moray Hearing Care. Do you work in a noisy environment partake in recreational activities where your ears are exposed to a lot of noise of long periods of time? Then, it is imperative that you protect your hearing. Loud noise, especially over long periods of time can damage your hearing. For example if you work in a factory where the machines are noisy or you operate a jack hammer, your ears could get damaged over time. To prevent this from happening, we've made available a range of products to help you protect your hearing.