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Trafalgar Place, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
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A large part of business success comes down to great interaction between people. This is what we help organizations with. Think Solutions was founded by Elisabet Vinberg Hearn in 2001 and operates in the UK, Sweden and internationally with large corporations as well as some small companies. We help companies improve their profitability through their company culture, how they lead and engage their people and how they thoughtfully and consciously handle complex systems for a sustainable, long-term business.
Our value proposition includes consultancy, key note speaking and coaching on subjects such as team dynamics, leadership, communication, change management and personal development. We also provide other tailored solutions based on our clients’ needs, supported by our knowledge and experience. Some of the companies we’ve had the pleasure and honor to work with include American Express, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Skanska, Trygg-Hansa and IKEA.
We work as strategic consultants, speakers, facilitators and coaches.
We specialize in leadership and communication, effective teams, change management  and sustainable businesses  - how you can get individuals and teams to come to work and give it their all working well within and beyond teams, and delivering results of course.
Our clients range from large international organizations to smaller, local and regional companies.

We deliver bespoke solutions to your needs.
What can we do for You? Please contact us on or +4420 8123 1127. We look forward to listening.



The only thing constant is change. And that’s not a cliché, it’s true. You can also expect the pace of change to continue to increase, so being able to deal with change and even thrive from change is a key business skill to have, for individuals and for organisations

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There will be times when you find yourself at opposite sides to someone else.You may have different ideas of how to solve an issue. Or you may observe other people that have opposite views.

Sustainability in business is a mindset and we help organisations to create the kind of leadership, communication and mindset that engages employees in all locations and at all levels to address and even benefit from the sustainability challenges that face the world. How can we help you embrace sustainability for long-term success?

When a leader unexpectedly resigns or is asked to leave a ’leadership void’ is created.

A sustainable business is a business that creates success now and in the future, by thinking and acting both short-term and long-term. By considering not just the Profit bottom line, but also that of People (all stakeholders) and Planet (limited resources), the organisation carefully manages all aspects of business to create sustainable success. Managing complexity is at the heart of corporate sustainability.

As a leader you probably have all sorts of things occupying your head and your time regarding the year that’s just started; goal setting, planning, development talks, recruitment needs, budget and more.

Getting people to work together is not just a leadership issue, it’s the responsibility of the whole team and it starts with getting together as a team, getting to know each other and deciding how to work together. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it requires some work, starting with the decision to get started.

He is the teacher who greets every child in a special way, with a handshake/greeting pattern of their own choice, each day when they come to school. This may sound simple, but more importantly – this is brilliant leadership.

Great leadership can look different in different people – there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to leadership. However, there are usually some of the following ingredients present: Vision, purpose/passion, great self-awareness and self-management, consistency, an ability to make others feel seen and heard, good communication skills, understanding impact, managing stakeholders.

Our sister company Katapult Partners are sponsoring a Swedish Chamber of Commerce event on Thursday evening, 15 March, in central London. Would be great if you could join! There are a few seats left - register via the link below. Welcome on behalf of Elisabet Vinberg Hearn and Katapult!

Inspiration is something to aspire to. Something to look for. Something to find. Something to choose. Something to find in others and seek out. You can find it in places you didn’t expect to find it. Think about who you are inspiring, you may not even know that you just inspired someone by a simple task.