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Baby Sensory Ayrshire

Heathfield Community Centre, Ayr, United Kingdom



Baby Sensory is an award winning learning and development programme especially designed for babies from birth to 13 months


Waitlists..... A few of our lovely babies are graduating this week, a few spaces are going to be available from next week. I will be in contact with you all to let you know availability. Please be aware that I have "mixed classes" in the afternoon which are suitable from birth. Thanks Pamela xx

#LotsOfSocks....who’s joining 😄

TOMORROW IS WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY!!! THURSDAY CLASSES - LETS RAISE AWARENESS BY WEARING ODD SOCKS TO CLASS!!!! EVERYONE ELSE......JOIN IN TOO. LET ME SEE ALL YOUR PICS IN THE MORNING 😀 It has been spearheaded by Down Syndrome International, which has linked up with national charities across the world to develop activities and events to raise awareness and support for those living with Down syndrome. It also highlights the facts of what it’s like to have Down syndrome, and how those with Down syndrome have, and continue to play, a vital role in our communities. The date itself has been selected for very clever reasons; it is held on the 21st day of the 3rd month, which is a hat-tip to the uniqueness of the triplication of the 21st chromosome which leads to Down syndrome. Let’s get people talking about WDSD on 21 March 2018! How? By wearing #LotsOfSocks! …wear ODD socks, other brightly coloured socks, long socks, printed socks, 1 sock… even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes. If you do not normally wear socks, then wear them. 👣👣

You may never look at an Easter Egg in the same way again! 😂

💚💛I’ve seen lots of great friendship groups form this year through classes, both Mum/Dads and babies. I really hope in 30 years all the babies are still friends....and all the photos are still around to prove it 💚👶🏻💛 xx

Please remember Tuesday Mum/ classes tomorrow, il see you all next week 😄

Beautiful ❤️

When nothing else calms them down.. 🌞🌙🌽✨🌧💐👫