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Brain teasers & puzzles time-about with workout exercises. 60 minute deadline. 2-6 people per session. 3 different levels of difficulty. Great fun!


Udny JAC did really well on Wednesday night using their bodies and their brains! Well done to all of them.

Been a bit quiet on the Body & Brain front recently after minor surgery on my shoulder. I'm ready to rock n roll now though and with groups booked for October stay tuned for updates. Remember, if you grab some friends or family for this fun change of an activity, I can come to a local hall type venue near you.

Book today for Body & Brain to come to your local village hall (or similar type venue). Availability at Weekends and weekday evenings. Great idea for a get together!

These familiar faces came back this morning to give level 2 a bash and nailed it! 35:29! They worked out their bodies and their brains before enjoying a ladies day!

9.15am space on Saturday @ Turriff Baden Powell Centre. Get up and get going this weekend. 2-6 people. Private mail to book in you and your friends.

Saturday 2nd September 9.15am & 11.30am available. Turriff Baden Powell Centre Workout exercises can be put to all abilities and puzzle hints are readily available so just go to have a laugh! Grab 2-6 of your friends, family members or work mates for a fun activity! 6 people = £7.00 each 5 people = £8.50 each 4 people = £10.00 each 3 people = £12.00 each 2 people = £13.00 each Levels 1, 2 & 3 to choose from. Can you beat some of these participants!?

What are you doing on Friday evening!? Get your friends/family together for something different. Get in touch to book a space for Body & Brain @ the Baden Powell Centre, Turriff Availability: 6pm 7pm 8.15pm It's great fun for everyone!

Some of last week's participants that were 'fighting' fit. If you fancy a go leave me a message. Time slots available in Turriff on Fri 25th at 6pm, 7pm and 8.15pm to finish off your week with a bang! And Sat 2nd Sept in Turriff 9.15am and 11.30am to start your weekend right.

**NEW SESSION AVAILABILITY** Friday 25th August, Baden Powell Centre Turriff, Time slots: 6.00pm 7.00pm 8.15pm Saturday 2nd September, Baden Powell Centre Turriff, Time slots: 9.15am 10.15am (booked) 11.30am Get in touch to book a slot for you and your friends! 2-6 people per session. (Other venues and dates can be arranged to suit you. Just request a date and location and it can hopefully be organised 👍🏻)

BODY & BRAIN Physical challenges mixed with mental challenges. Exercise your WHOLE body...including your brain! What does it involve? You and your team mate(s) complete the assigned brain teasers/puzzles time-about with the workout exercises. How fast can you do them all? Can you finish under the 60 minute deadline? Grab a group of friends, family members or work colleagues for some team building fun! 2-6 people per Body & Brain session. Body & Brain consists of 3 different levels, which increase in difficulty. Hints can be given if required. It's all in good fun! Body & Brain can be carried out at numerous different venues in Aberdeenshire (mainly village hall types) Look out for the venues and dates close to you, or ask for a date and place that suits you and it could be arranged Fit Body, Fit Brain! A fun activity with a difference! Body & Brain provides everything required. All you need is to turn up with your workout gear, a bottle of water and your thinking cap! 6 people = £7.00 each 5 people = £8.50 each 4 people = £10.00 each 3 people = £12.00 each 2 people = £13.00 each For more information or to book a space please contact: Karen Grant 07765082385


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