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MBCHB Office, Suttie Centre, Aberdeen, United Kingdom



Enrich undergraduate student knowledge of obstetrics and gynaecology through events and clinical exposure


If Chorn’s Anatomy Revision Lecture 💀🚀💥and my baby 🍼🤰🏻👶🏻both dropping⬇️⬇️on the same day 📆⏰catch me at the Suttie Centre Lecture Theatre 🎥🎞having contractions 😫🏩

WOW IS THAT THE SECOND EVENT IN THE HIGHLY RESPECTED OBS+GYNAE FORTNIGHT OF FUN REVISION SERIES???? 1) OBGYN/PaedsSoc Clinical Skills Refresher (20/2) 2) Reproductive Systems Revision Lecture (21/2) 3) Reproductive Anatomy Refresher (ft. DChorn) (28/2) Come chat about pre-eclampsia, antepartum haemorrhage, and ask any questions about topics you're finding a bit tricky!! Lots of Love, O+G xxx

First up in O+Gs two part series of revision events is a new one as of this year: We've invited speaker Dr Jennifer Roberts to come along and talk about some things that we (as a committee) felt were difficult to get a grasp of and that will invariably come up in either your third or fourth year exams. Topics that will definitely be covered include causes of antepartum haemorrhage, and the management of pre-eclampsia. Dr Roberts has also kindly allowed time to field questions from the audience about any topics that students may find difficult. Once again, this is a free event! Have a look out for our anatomy revision lecture event (happening on Wednesday the 28th, same time, Suttie Centre LT). O+G xxx

****BIG NEWS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FAIL ALL OF YOUR EXAMS**** O+G will be running anatomy and physiology revision sessions in the next couple of weeks: First up: Physiology Wednesday 21st of Feb, 1-2pm Suttie Lecture Theatre Dr Roberts will be doing a brief review of various causes of ANTEPARTUM HAEMORRHAGE and the management of PRE-ECLAMPSIA as these are topics where mistakes are commonly make in exams. There's time for questions at the end for any questions people from EITHER YEAR THREE OR FOUR might have! (...finals in 122 days...) (event to be made in the next 45 mins or so, give me time, I'm only one committee member) Then we have: Anatomy - 1-2 Wednesday 28th Feb, 1-2pm Suttie Lecture Theatre Chorn talking about the reproductive system, what more is there to say?? (event below)

oh look it's exam time.... THANKFULLY your good friends at Aberdeen's Obs&Gynae Society have managed to save your rear ends from that OSPE E3 life with a strategically placed anatomy revision session!! Expect a smooth recap of all the important features not to miss in the build up to the Year 3 exams, with some classic Chorn humour to boot. We're doing one of these for your systems exams on the 21st of February (available to 4th Years too) –– DOUBLE WHAMMY OBS+GYNAE SUPER REVISION BUNDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come along, it's a free event!

Interested in Global Health, Infection Medicine, or Sexual Health? Interesting lecture coming up by Youth Stop AIDS in New Kings! O+G xxx *** 3 fantastic speakers will tell their story of living with HIV including a Kenyan sex-worker, a Romanian woman who contracted HIV from a blood transfusion and a newly-diagnosed Glaswegian who has featured on BBC. This is an event not to be missed! IT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. It will be held in New King's Building (NK10) from 6PM-7.30PM with socials afterwards at Bobbin. Free pizza will also be provided! Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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TW: 🚨🚨Bake Sale🚨🚨 O+G Lonely Hearts Club (OGLHC) proudly present our valentines bake sale !!! This Wednesday 🏹 More info to come.... ((Vegans catered for too))

***call for volunteers*** In our upcoming event with Aberdeen University Paediatric Society we are looking for some senior medical students (Years 4-5) to help us out with acting as tutors for some of the stations. we'll take your preferences into account as to which station you would like to run, and all the information you'll need to give advice will be given to you on the night. Certificates of participation will be given to all tutors! Any Qs feel free to get in touch, mail this page or Peer Assisted Learning Scheme to volunteer. Lots of love, O&G xxx

***PALS TUTORS*** Come and give us a hand!! We need some tutors to manage the upcoming clinical skills event, with food + participation certificates to boot! Any questions, get in touch with Peer Assisted Learning Scheme , or slide into our DMs. As always; lots of love, O+G xxx


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