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Slakterigatan 6-10, Västerås, Sweden
Burger Restaurant




BACON JAMM. It’s been on the menu since pretty much day one. Not much has changed in the recipe apart from that we now dry-cure and smoke ALL of our bacon. It’s a lot of work but worth it 100% - we also use fritz-kola and coffee from Björklunds Kafferosteri in our recipe to create layers of flavour/filthyness. 📸 Eric Nyberg.

Did you see the article about our latest guest burger creator?! If you haven’t eaten at The Nutmeg House, then please do so - the man can cook! Christoffers Mat at The Nutmeg House

Are you a cook that knows how to flip a bit of meat? Do you hold a valid drivers license? Send all your incredible CV’s to

APRIL MÅNADENS BURGARE! We thought it was about time for another guest special so we got Christoffers Mat at The Nutmeg House to show us what's what! 150g burger, dubbel American cheddar, wild garlic (ramslök) mayo and champagne pickled silver onions on those Bygdens Bageri brioche rolls. 📸 Eric Nyberg.

Just so ya know!

SIR RIB OF HAUSINGTON likes to get real deep sometimes and look out of windows, thinking about ex-girlfriends and 80’s rom-coms. But anyway, TOMORROW.. IT’S ONNNN! Dry-aged burgers for the people! Just so you know.. the last time we served this burger it sold out in 20 minutes! 📸 Eric Nyberg.

Street Fighter/Tekken nerd!? You like the taste of mayo emulsified with chilli (+ other good stuff)!? You really dig the idea of almost burnt (and fresh) spring onion incorporated with ginger!? It could be a niche market but.. WE GOT YOU! ‘Round 2, FIGHT!’ 150g burger, double American cheese, black sesame/chilli mayo and ginger with charred/fresh spring onion (ginger scallion sauce!) on those purrrrrfect Bygdens Bageri brioche bunz. 📸 Eric Nyberg.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Tomorrow, we release a new special! Back in November 2017 we held a small event to showcase the idea behind using dry-aged meat for a burger. Of course, for you meat nerds out there, this really isn't anything new - but in Sweden is kind of is! 'SIR RIB OF HAUSINGTON' 150g DRY-AGED patty, cheese, English mustard mayo and confit/fried onion on Bygdens Bageri brioche. If you're into meat, this is a burger not to miss out on. It will be on the menu EVERY-OTHER-FRIDAY with a VERY LIMITED amount - stay locked into our social media to avoid disappointment!

THIS FRIDAY! DRY-AGED MEAT! IT’S ONNNNN! We’ll share a little more info on Thursday! 📸 Eric Nyberg.

WING WEDNESDAY! From tomorrow we start with our ‘WING & TING’ promotion. 10 wings, fries and dip-saus for 99kr! Only available Wednesdays (obviously). 📸 Eric Nyberg.

SECOND BIRTHDAY VIBES! When we first opened, that first day of absolute chaos - a day where we never ever thought we could sell that amount of food again.. well today we actually sold double the amount of food! Records keep toppling at RibHaus HQ and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support. It really means so much to us that you like what we do! This week has also been great as we have had Ben from The Little Gloster with us. We plan to have a collaboration burger on our menus this August! 📸 Eric Nyberg.


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