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Pakistan Students Association Uppsala (Sweden).

Börjegatan 62, Uppsala, Sweden



PSA-Uppsala [Official]. President (Badar Munir Wazir)2. Finnace secretary (Dr Rizwan Qaisar)3. Information secretary (Arif Ullah) (Politics-Forbidden) PSA-Uppsala is serving and consulting folk globally for more than 10 years with accommodations, job finding and study in Europe and Sweden particularly (suggestions, tips and admission process).

The theme of this platform was running in the background since 2005 and it was growing from time to time and was finally established in 2009-10 when lot of students arrived especially from Pakistan, so it was first to entertained Pakistani community but with passage of time it quickly emerge to entertained folk from different zones world wide and today, we are proud to say that we are growing day by day due to dedicated team work and better co-operation and feedback from the users attended by the PSA.

A part, PSA is proud of that this platform been center for many to get free consultancy about education, accommodation, jobs and arranged events like fund raising for flood affected people and IDPs- Internally Displaced People, and still there are great demands from many individuals who contacted PSA for scholarships and study support, but we couldn't help due to limited resource domain. Therefore PSA decided and started looking forward for private and corporate sector especially NGOs to collaborate with us and PSA is standby there to use our resources and platform to promote talent and continue progress in human and education development for the better and beautiful world transition to the next generation.

PSA- is always open for suggestion(s)!

Best regards!
Badar Munir
President of PSA


Open invitation by Embassy of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland Stockholm!

Dear fellows Aoa, there will be 3 days Ejtema (14-15 and16 July 2017) in Nyköping, anyone interested to join this event can get more information during Asar and Maghrib prayer time today at Uppsala Mosque. Apni dua mein sab ko yaad rakhien! JazakAllah! Best regards! Badar

Random Clicks of Eid ul Fter 2017!

AoA all dears! We wish Special #EidGreetings to all Muslims around the Globe and please pray for all human and peaceful world.. JazakAllah..!! Eid Prayer time in Uppsala will be as below and there will be two different Eid Prayer shifts on Sunday 2017/06/25: 1st: 08:00 AM 2nd: 09:30 AM Address:Sportfältsvägen 1, 754 19 Uppsala or visit #Eid_Mubarik #Stay_All_Safe_and_Peaceful..!!!

Advance Greetings!! <3

Though its late to write but all fellows in Uppsala are invited for today Iftari ( khairat/Sadqa) by a Pakistani sister #Sabiha_baji at Uppsala Mosque, please pray for her sister who passed away! #JazakAllah!

#HappyNationalDaySweden_The_6th_June! Among the top best countries of the World #Sweden!! May you Live long and long and always be safe and progressive for all you doing for peace and humanity, health, education, environment and universe, You are simply #amazing!! #Respect_Sweden #God_Protect_Sweden!!

One of the best ''Eid day gethering'' and Pix from different Occasions

Hello dears! Anyone interested in Swedish Police/ Polis can apply now, You must be a Swedish citizen, for further details, visit the given link below; Best of Luck!! /Badar Munir

Uppsala on going projects and growth! #Annual_MeetUp_with_Uppsala_Kommun


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