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SIANI Agriculture Network - Food Security & Nutrition for all

Linnégatan 87 D, Stockholm, Sweden
Non-profit organization



SIANI is a free membership-network whose mission it is to lay the knowledge foundation for more informed debate and policy-making in the Swedish agriculture and international development sector.



Neglected and underutilized species (NUS) are very high in minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Unlike oranges or apples, they perform well under extreme weather conditions and adapt easily. They can provide famine and malnutrition relief and are thus important for food security. However, NUS species are not popular and are likely to be wiped out. Check out this blog and find out why:

How can spending time in nature impact our health and happiness? Explore how Yusra Moshtat, who fled the Gulf War in the 1990s, started an inspiring project by helping new immigrants integrate through nature!

Looking for a new job in an inspiring environment? Apply for the PhD position at NORSØK! The Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture is now looking for a PhD-student that will be part of the RESTOR project where marine resources (fish & seaweed) will be assessed and tested as recycled organic fertilizers. Find more information about the project and the position:

Video: Här en mini-intervju med en av våra panellister från vårt och SDSN Youth in Northern Europe's event Ung kraft för Agenda 2030 i Almedalen förra veckan - Rikard Lundgren från food2change: Vad tar du med dig från seminariet och vad är egentligen Food2Change? #Almedalen #UngKraft #Agenda2030


NEAR SIANI Agriculture Network - Food Security & Nutrition for all


Stockholm, Sweden
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