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OVERKILL Pedalboards

Virkesvägen 7, Stockholm, Sweden



Overkill Pedalboards Inc.
Will help you to get the best out of your tone!
And best of all, we will give you a big face lift and make over!
This is show business, people will see your gear as  well.



Vintage storbandsnotställ som aldrig fick vara med i bild.

Stjärnornas Stjärna | Hårdrocksveckan | Overkill Riggar och designar trumset | MMS levererar hyran | även Lite Deck-podier | levererar frontskinn.

Tonight we supply vintage gear for TV4 show Stjärnornas Stjärna 🌟🎤🥁

Listen and learn people.

No animals were harmed during this performance. #gottalant

Per Gessle | Dalhalla | 2017 | Foto: Anders Roos

Grand Piano Yamaha N3 for Laleh last summer. 🎹

Ett crazy piano till Talang-finalen. Printad vinyl.

We build a custom telecaster for #Rolandz at the Swedish Music Grand Prix. Crazyyyyy🤩🎉✨

Old Overkill pedalboards get new life with new owners with Miriam Bryant. Also have one more super nice used large board for sale. Give me a shout!

R.I.P Strängen. Djupt saknad.

Photos from OVERKILL Pedalboards's post

Overkill on tour with Stjärnklart 30:th anniversary tour. #pedalboard #music #overkill

Photos from OVERKILL Pedalboards's post