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SkiSelector is unique and patented high-tech system for measuring crosscountry skis. SkiSelector is used by ski manufacturers, shops and national teams. SkiSelector is a unique and very powerful high-tech system that effectively contributes to the delivery of a completely new type of services to skiers who get perfect fitting skis for best performance and a better ski experience.

SkiSelector offer you as a skier a unique help to analyse your used skis and get a clear picture of: grip, stiffness, camber characteristics and sliding properties in order to get a better skiing experience and faster skis. When skis are analysed, it is easy to know how they should be waxed for the best grip and glide.

Each ski is placed in SkiSelector on a flat granite stone which constitutes as a reference with a flatness of about 0.0025 mm. SkiSelector is a digital system with very high accuracy, approximately 4000 data points measures and analyses each ski with hundredths of a mm in height at different loads and presents the results as a graphical image. The stiffness, different wax-bow zones and characters are analysed.

SkiSelector is used by over 250 shops worldwide.  



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