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Teknopol AB

Scheelevägen 15, Lund, Sweden
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Our mission is to create growth out of your innovative business. This we do by doing what we do best – offering professional business advice, customer and investor contacts and our commitment for you and your idea. Free of charge. Welcome to Teknopol! Teknopol is publically financed, our services are free of charge for the entrepreneurs, and paid for by our owners Region Skåne, and also by Vinnova, Nordic Innovation, Tillväxtverket and our industry partners.
We facilitate matchmaking with industry, investors and innovators. We strive to constantly improve ourselves and the entire Swedish innovation system with new methods for successful commersialisation. Teknopol operates Mobile Heights Business Center, Cleantech Inn Sweden, Materials Business Center and Entreprenörskap i vård och omsorg.


Innovation Skåne, Idéer inifrån

Paul Ipsen och Thorleif Strand från Hässleholms sjukhus har tillsammans med Per Flink från Skånes universitetssjukhus tagit hem segern i Innovation Skånes idétävling för medarbetare i Region Skåne med idén om en individuellt utformad gipsortos som går att öppna och återförsluta. Grattis!

Startsida 2016

Öppna upp för hållbar tillväxt! Hur kan vi tillsammans skapa nya förutsättningar för innovationssamarbeten och affärsmöjligheter mellan industri, entreprenörer och offentlig sektor och bidra till utvecklingen i regionen? Välkommen till ett inspirerande och interaktivt seminarium 21 juni kl 13.30 under Entreprenörsveckan i Båstad. Läs mer och anmäl dig på Innovation Skåne genomför seminariet som en del av projektet Business Incubation 2020, delvis finansierat av EU.

Innovation Skåne

Popup Lab on Virtual Reality June 3 at Ideon! Listen to talks on VR beyond gaming, the rise of VCommerce and empathy games and training for schools and health-care staff. Sign up at

New Perspectives in Business #2: Diversity and organizational hacking with Sofia Falk

Don’t miss the the 2nd talk on the series New Perspectives in Business! Sofia Falk, an organizational hacker that sees the corporate world as her playground, will talk about diversity in business and how we can make it count. Minc and Ideon are hosting the series as part of the project Business Incubation 2020 that is partially financed by the EU.

New Perspectives in Business #2: Diversity and organizational hacking with Sofia Falk

Events for May 2016 | Innovation Skåne

Drop in during Skåne Innovation Week! Welcome to our office in Lund May 30, 1 pm - 6 pm for instant advice or to learn more about our support. Our professional advisors are ready to meet you. Psst, you are more than welcome to drop by our office any other day as well or contact us to book an appointment, we are here to support you! For information about seminars that we arrange during Skåne Innovation Week, please visit

Luckan totalsegrade i Venture Cup Syd

Luckan är totalvinnare i Venture Cup Syd! Freedesk tog hem segern i kategorin life science och teknik, Syeriet i kategorin miljö och energi och Tea Junki kategorin människa och samhälle. Grattis till er alla!

The Bridge Conference

Join The Bridge Summit in Lund, Sweden the 22–23 of June. Let’s shape our future together!

De är Sveriges nästa succébolag

Grattis Bibb Instruments!

How to Hire People and help them Grow — Thinking about Startups

"One of the most important aspects of a startup is to build great teams. Too many companies view employees as people with a bunch of skills. The team is more critical than that."

Innovation Skåne

Dianovator och Freedesk är två av finalisterna i Venture Cup. Den 12 maj avgörs det!

Photos from Innovation Skåne's post

Workshop on visualization and data analysis! Thank you all presenters and participants for your contributions. The workshop was arranged by Materials Business Center and was a step in the creation of a platform providing cross connections between companies, entrepreneurs and researchers in order to facilitate for materials related innovations.

Photos from Innovation Skåne's post


En specifik e-hälsa-accelerator i Lund! En av alla nya insatser som kan göras tack vare EU-finansieringen av samverkansprojektet Business Incubation 2020! Läs mer här:


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