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West Africa Medical Equipment Aid 2012  an organisation to support Medical professionals with better equipment and  during the journes to deliver equipment - help with rabies vaccinations and emergency needs. Hello Dear collegs in the Aid service
I'm a Veterinary surgeon (Thomas Lundgren ) who has started WAMEA2012
( West African Medical Equipment Aid 2012)to help People and animals in west africa.  I have 3 goals
1.  By a 6WD off road buss rebuild it to a mobile clinic and use it for distribution of medical equipment and supply to medical professionals in west africa ( human doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians)  During the journey we ( Me and a human doctor and or dentist) could stop in villages and help people and there animals with emergeny treatments and rabies vaccinations.
2. Build an Orthopedic / Reproduction hospital  in Ghana with  CT  X-ray scanner facilities in common with a veterinary clinic.
3. By land to the hospital and B. buildings for Aid equipment and workshop to control the usefullness of the equipment before delivery. C. Land for Xbreading of lokal dwarf goates(<12 Kg living weight) with milk goates  40 - 120 Kg and up to 4 liter milk / day)  to raise the access to protein in west africa as goat meat are popular and goats survive as browsers (leaf eaters)
If you want to support WAMEA2012  you can do that in many ways as  Donations,  Cooperation with collecting and transportation of medical supply and equipment.

Donations can be made by PAYPAL  trough  or to WAMEA2012 Bank account's  
Benefishery              Thomas Lundgren
Swedbank            Branch  8214-9 , Account : 913 059-343-8            
           IBAN: SE54 8000 0821 4991 3059 3438
                                  BiC / Swift       : SWEDESS
Bank I England  (UK)
Lloyds  Bank     Account nr  308473   25412260
                                  Branch         308473
                                  Consett, Durham
                                  Newcastle,  UK