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Ulica IX Korpusa 25, Piran, Slovenia
Non-profit organization



In a garden overlooking the Adriatic  is a spot where understanding  and open-mindedness thrive, a point where the arts can intertwine - CULTUREpoint. Situated in a garden, on an ancient hill, overlooking the north Adriatic sea, resting under the shadows of the historic church of St. George and protected from the mighty wings of St.Michael is the birth place of a point for the arts CULTUREpoint.
A point where people and cultures crossed, where the salt trade flourished, where the great violinist Tartini first caressed his strings, and where you shall be hypnotized by utter beauty.
A point that came about through the vision of a sacred man, a point where a piano crossed the globe, a point where understanding, love and open-mindedness thrive, a point where the arts can intertwine.

Come and take a part in CULTUREpoint in Piran, SLOVENIJA.

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