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Prešernovo nabrežje 24, Piran, Slovenia
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Slovenia has one of the oldest winemaking traditions in the world which has made it a world-leading top quality wine-producing country. However, awards alone may not be enough to bring the wine, which makes Slovenian people so proud, closer to the end costumer. We have thus made it our mission to inform and promote Slovenia's very best wines and make them available to buy to anyone in the world. We believe the internet is the most far-reaching media today and we want to use this technology to make it easy for everyone to learn about Slovenian wines and be able to order and have them delivered anywhere with a few clicks.
For you, dear customer, we have prepared a collection of the best of already top grade Slovenian wines. We collect the most premium wines from all Slovene regions, together with very rare and limited editions or vintages, that are very hard to find. Some of these wines, carefully stored and treasured in wine cellars, have never before been available to you to purchase.


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