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Jurckova cesta 3b, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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MaksFit helps you achieve your goals, let them be health or competition oriented. Your journey to the peak state of body and mind is just a click away MaksFit was founded by Maks Frančeškin, an enthusiast in finding the excellence in motion. 8 years in a row a member of Slovenian national teams in wildwater and flatwater canoeing Maks is an experienced athlete with many high class international successes:

4 time world champion
World cup medals
European championships medals
Maks studied at Faculty of sport (University of Ljubljana) majoring in canoeing and fitness and is writting a thesis on biomechanic of a basic paddling stroke in k1.


is coaching youth wildwater paddlers in KK Simon,
is writting the plan of the training of some of the best USA wildwater paddlers
conditioning coaching 3 time olympian, multiple European champion and world championship medalist Simon Hočevar
was assisting the head coach of Slovenian national junior flatwater sprint team
helped rehabbing cases of hernia, shoulder and back injuries.


Is flexibility really the key to injury prevention and to good movement patterns? Or is mobility the limiting factor? Read on

Our allaround athlete Sara Seprenyi is doing a huge research on prevalence and causes of injuries in flatwatwer and wildwater kayak. Check it out and participate!

This week about coach`s obssesion with resistance bands and their effect on (non) prevention of shoulder injuries. "Now, returning to the resistance band excercises. Are they really comparable with the aformentioned excercises? Is the range of motion really challenged? Does the core need to significantly participate in movement? I am paddling for a long time, without any shoulder injury problems and i pick up a resistance band three times a year. The alternative excercises are just so much better and more effective. But you might break some sweat doing them"

New blog post @ Talking about too specific resistance training. And the one not specific enough. Excerpt from the post: "If you go too specific, you are severly limiting yourself when it comes to specific skill level. Do not worry about trying to recreate your sport in your resistance training. Get strong and hone your specific skills separately, but at the same time." Feedback appreciated :)

BUSTING 10 MYTHS OF STRENGTH TRAINING IN KAYAK This series of posts have been coming a long time. The content has been debated many times, but i decided to put it "on paper". I am busting the myths and old dogmas connected to resistance training in kayak, both flatwater and wildwater. I will post five parts in the next weeks. Welcome to MaksFit !! Every comment and feedback is more than welcome, both here or at MaksFit site :)

Our young machine Urban Novak won the k1M junior category of Krumlovsky vodacky maraton with an impressive time and margin to other juniors. K2mix Maks Franceskin and Marie Masinova were third and Sara Seprenyi was fifth with her partner in this category. Marin Millar was 11th in k1W. Congrats on results and surviving this long torture to everyone ;) #speedandpowerinprogress

Its that part of the season. you will regret if you are not giving your everything.. #speedandpower.

the fastest Slovenian junior Vid Svetina getting even faster ;)

All-MaksFit K1W podium at European Cup II in Banjaluka !! Congrats girls! :)

Sara from Hungary is transforming from a succesful flatwater to a wildwater paddler with the help of MaksFit .

Many different paths lead to success. Create your own path. I am sure most of the readers have experienced acute or chronic joint pain, given that this page is about living an active livestyle. Joint pain is one of the most common injuries athletes experience. Most athletes get used to the pain and battle it many different ways. Some of those ways are making the pain worse, some have no effect on it and some are actually making the pain go away. A lot of health care proffesionals deal with this pain the wrong way. I will try to explain the causes and symptoms of that pain as well as some means of treating it. Do you want to move without experiencing pain? Wake up painless in the morning? Then read the article below.